City denies paying through nose for toilets

26 March 2020 | Local News



The City of Windhoek has denied paying N$15 million for the construction of 25 public toilets that were handed over to residents last week.

The Namibia Press Agency last week reported that the municipality had handed over toilets costing N$15 million to the communities of Sonderwater and informal settlements in the Khomasdal constituency.

“The City would like to correct misleading claims that it spent N$15 million to build 25 communal toilets. The 25 pre-fabricated toilets were supplied for N$243 687.50 while N$744 483.44 was spent on works, which included the supply of water to the toilets, the installation of sewer lines from existing pipelines, site preparation and the construction of levelling slabs where the toilets were installed,” it said. The total came to N$987 852, which means an average price of N$39 514 per toilet. “The cost of construction of the water and sewerage services from the existing municipal services to the location of the toilets varies substantially for each toilet, unless they are in close vicinity of each other,” the City said. The variations were because of the distance to the nearest municipal services, the topography of the site and the subsoil conditions when excavating, the City further explained. The toilets were built as part of a planned construction drive involving 267 communal toilets the City plans to build in the constituencies of Tobias Hainyeko, Moses Garoeb, Samora Machel, Khomasdal, Katutura East and Windhoek Rural.