Church advocates communism

Share jobs, salaries and land

02 July 2020 | Cultural



The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (Elcin) is calling for redistribution of resources, jobs and salaries in order to avoid job losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also wants all land to be owned by the government.

The church does not support the distribution of food and clothes to “lazy” people, though.

This was said by the Elcin Western Diocese presiding bishop Shekutaamba VV Nambala at Oniipa on Tuesday.


With the country facing a high unemployment rate and job losses because of the pandemic, Nambala advised employers to avoid paying a few individuals high salaries while others are unemployed.

“Reports are saying that the unemployment rate is currently standing at 33%, while there are also a few who are getting highly paid. Instead of giving too much work to [some] that requires high payment, people's work and salaries must be shared to make sure that resources are shared by everyone,” Nambala said.

“People must develop love for one another and avoid being selfish. You will not live in peace being rich among the poor and hungry.”


Nambala said the church has noticed that there are people who do not want to work for themselves and rely on handouts.

“Laziness must be condemned by everybody because even the Bible made it clear that those that do not want to work must also not eat.”

Free services

Nambala said the Elcin church supports free education, free water supply and a ban on private land ownership.

“Namibians must be accorded a quality free education from pre-grade to university. Water and health services must also be provided for free.

“This can all be possible if there is an equal distribution of resources,” he said.