China worries about terrorist attacks

02 August 2021 | Police



The Namibian police and other units in the country’s security cluster are on high alert after a bomb attack in Pakistan killed nine and injured more than 30 Chinese nationals two weeks ago.

Police chief Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga confirmed that the Chinese embassy in Namibia requested for tightened security measures and information-sharing between them and the Namibian authorities.

“It is not that any Chinese national in Namibia is under threat, but the world is a global village and the Chinese government wants to sensitise all the countries where their people are. We must be careful; we may think Pakistan is far but anything is possible. Safety is never absolute and we mut always be vigilant,” Ndeitunga said.

In a letter to regional police commissioners, he instructed them to sensitise their members and further tighten security measures to ensure that Chinese nationals and their business operations in the country are protected from any possible harm or attacks.

We want justice

According to a New York Times report, nine Chinese workers and four others were killed near a hydroelectric project in Pakistan two weeks ago.

The incident - that was initially believed to be an accident - is now regarded as a terrorist attack caused by a suicide bomber.

The report added that China has demanded a thorough investigation from Pakistani authorities and has also urged them to use all necessary means to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Helen Lu at the Chinese embassy in Windhoek could not confirm the demands.

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