Changing Namibian reading culture

25 January 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Local blogger Sarah Goroh, also known as Charizma Inspirations online, has expanded her horizons and branched out to writing an inspirational quotes book.

The bookworm, who released her book last year November, says she has always been fond of writing and quite often finds it hard to stop.

The book, '31 Days of Inspired Living' deals with topics that relate to everyday life. According to the author, it is relevant to people from various walks of life and is a must-have.

“This book takes the reader on a journey to change their way of thinking and to transform their life within a month.

I decided to publish the book because a lot of people reached out to have access to my quotes because they speak to everyone, especially on perception. Once you can change your perception you can change your life, and this is really engaging,” she said.

Goroh said Namibia does not have a reading culture compared to other countries and this is a sad state of affairs, adding she would like to see a change in the coming generations.

“If you want to hide something from a young person just put it in a book.

“I'm saying this from the people I've met.”

I too never had the desire to read, but readathons and spelling bee competitions encourage them,” said Goroh.

Goroh has compiled the quotes into an 88-page book that also includes pages for one to make notes. It includes topics such as breaking from fear and setting one's own pace, just to mention a few. The book is currently available at Revive Us book store at Maerua Mall and on order.

Goroh plans to host a 31-day journey scheduled to take place in March that will capture non-readers as well.

“A lot of people struggle with reading because they are not used to it.

I decided to have a month where I will be vlogging contents of the book and also allowing the readers to do the same to help them understand the book better. More details will follow soon but this is something really special and it will have an impact on people's lives,” she added.

June Shimuoshili