Catering to his fans

Tshego's long awaited Pink Panther is finally ready

02 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

No Ties is the first single from his debut album Pink Panther, due for release on Wednesday, 31 August.

Tshego is an exceptional singer, songwriter and producer with a sound that will see you on the dance floor as well as have you feeling some type of way. Known for bangers like Hennessy and Garden, he caught the attention of music lovers with his smooth vocals and striking looks.

The versatile musician laces his vocals effortlessly on this song alongside King Monada, who sings in 'Khelobkedu' – a South African dialect. No Ties is a pop/R&B hit guaranteed to garner Tshego new fans and keep his day ones happy to finally hear new material. This is definitely 2019's most unexpected collaboration that makes perfect sense.

The Pink Panther teased fans earlier this year with a series titled The Process, giving fans a glimpse into the creative process of the album.

Pink Panther has been four years in the making with the release being pushed back after the music was stolen. This misfortune, or blessing in disguise, saw Tshego trying to salvage what he could and going back into the studio to record new music.

“I wrote and produced No Ties and thought of who I could collaborate with that people wouldn't expect; King Monada came to mind and he felt like the perfect fit.

Around this time I heard Malwedhe. that is a dope track! I knew I had to work with him.

“I dropped him a DM and we started talking. He then chose No Ties from the two songs I shared with him.

Alie Keys put his things on it and this is the outcome. King Monada exceeded my expectations on this one, I am very happy, No Ties is still the old Tshego you love, I have just gone through a lot and grown,” said Tshego.