Career Expo 2019 inspires

Moving educational boundaries through practical thinking

11 June 2019 | Education

Justicia Shipena and Elizabeth Joseph

Under the theme #LetUpAndGo, the Hashtag Career Expo took place at the Windhoek Showgrounds until 7 June.

The expo saw 26 exhibitors showcasing different careers paths.

It aimed to inspire and educate learners on the vast number of career paths and opportunities available to them.

It was also aimed at enabling learners to familiarise themselves with industry players.

Speaking to The Zone at the event, Nadia Coetzee-Huysamen, a life skills teacher at Academia Secondary School, said it is a good thing that kids are being exposed to such opportunities while still at school.

“It is a great idea for them to gain knowledge of career paths, especially the grade 11 learners,” she said.

Coetzee-Huysamen added the school does plenty of activities that teach the children about personal growth, their personalities and which career path they should embark on.

”They do job-shadowing and career studies, so we are quite busy,” she said.

She further urged life skills teachers to encourage their learners to take aptitude tests, so they can have open minds when choosing their careers.

A learner from Acacia High School said he was looking forward to seeing careers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

“My passion lies in IT and it was such a shame I could not get more knowledge about it here,” he said.

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