Capricorn Group gives Women’s cricket wings

08 June 2021 | Banking

Capricorn Group and its subsidiary Capricorn Asset Management, and Capricorn Private Wealth sent off the Namibian National Women’s Cricket Team – The Eagles – today, to the Women’s Kwibuka Tournament scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Group announced that they have entered into an agreement with Cricket Namibia on becoming a main sponsor of Women’s Cricket, focussing on the National Women’s Team and the Girls festivals/tournaments & school league to develop girls’ programs.

The official announcement of the partnership between Capricorn Group and Cricket Namibia and details on the sponsorship agreement will be shared at an official event when the team returns from their tournament in Rwanda.

At the sent-off on Wednesday, 02 June 2021, Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, said, “For us at Capricorn Group, together with Capricorn Asset Management and Capricorn Private Wealth, it is an honour to become involved in women’s cricket in Namibia. We are very proud of their achievements of being ranked 23rd globally, top 3 in Africa, and in 2019 they were 13th on International Cricket Council (ICC) International Scorecard. With this outstanding reputation, we foresee a positive future for them.”

Capricorn Group is excited to partner with Cricket Namibia, whose leadership has demonstrated passion and commitment to cricket over the years. Cricket Namibia is known to have an excellent track record of managing the sports code professionally and efficiently and have a clear vision and strategy for the development of Cricket across Namibia for girls, boys, men, and women.

The Group extended thanks and gratitude to Johan Muller, CEO of Cricket Namibia, for the opportunity to collaborate. They also acknowledged that female sport shows tremendous growth. Through their support of women’s cricket in Namibia, they hope to grow enthusiasm for the sport in Namibia and look forward to increasing female participation and creating more opportunities in a safe environment.

At the event Mr Muller said, “We want thank Capricorn group for their involvement in our National Women’s team and girls school program. Women and girls’ cricket lead to women empowerment through equal opportunities. Upliftment of the women’s game is a key strategic focus for Cricket Namibia. It is great to partner with a company that share the same vision. Capricorn is a truly Namibian company that has served the people of Namibia over many years. It is an absolute privilege to have them as a partner. We are looking forward to the Women’s tour to Rwanda and later this year to Uganda. The team has trained very hard and we believe that this will show on the field.”

The Women’s Kwibuka Tournament is a build-up and preparation for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Qualifiers. This prestigious five-day-long tournament commencing on the 6th of June 2021 brings excitement as the National Women’s team will compete against four other African cricket nations.