Calista Schwartz CEO,NYC (Treasurer)

17 September 2021 | People

1. What do you bring different to the table of your career?

With the help of the team and my superiors, I will neutralise politics and establish true leadership, which has nothing to do with people but with creating an environment and atmosphere that allows everyone to lead.

2. What exactly are you looking forward to in this position?

I look forward to discharging my role in the most efficient and effective manner possible, to set a standard of running public enterprises that meets international standards and also encourages a team spirit.

3. What and where will your main focus be in office?

My main focus on my occupancy is to promote integrity and accountability. I look forward to creating an infrastructure and system that anchor these elements. I would further strengthen networking with public enterprises to promote common understanding on how they can benefit through collaboration, in my placement as member. Lastly, as someone who is passionate about youth empowerment, I will aim at creating opportunities for youth development during my tenure.

4. What is your favourite restaurant and what’s your go-to order?

De ja vu and my favourite order is a simple cup of coffee. I think better over a cup of coffee.