Building a dollhouse from shoeboxes

14 July 2020 | Life Style

You can get your children involved in this project. It’s fun and creative, and unlike Namibia’s real-life house pricing, this one won’t cost you an arm or a leg!

The building plan:
There are a plethora of ideas, information and videos readily available on the internet for this DIY project. You could try or for videos and easy to understand step-by-step tutorials on how to build your dollhouse.
Several shoe or cardboard boxes can be glued together in a variety of ways and they don’t have to be the same size. Items used for decorating the house can be sourced from a variety of recyclable materials already found in your actual house.

Items needed to build your dollhouse:

Ideas for decorating your dollhouse:
-Paint, tissue paper, cardboard paper, contact paper or left-over gift wrapping paper can all be used to decorate the walls and outside of the dollhouse
-Pictures from the internet, magazines or newspapers can be used for the windows and doors
-Pieces of fabric can be made into curtains, bedding, or rugs
-Tinfoil can be used for making mirrors
-Bedding or bath bubbles can be made from cotton wool balls
-Recycled bottle caps can be used for making a sink or toilet
-Use toilet paper tubes to make structural columns for your house
-Furniture can be created by using washing pegs, matchboxes, popsicle sticks or cardboard
-Toothpaste caps can be used to create lampshades

-Use a simple design
-Open plan dollhouses work best
-Use glue as well as tape when building to reinforce the structure of the house
-You can also add a driveway, a stoep or a garden to the outside of your dollhouse

Word of caution:
-This dollhouse should not be made for children younger than three years as they could possibly choke on the small items or materials used.