Bubbling over

Meet Deal Done Record's newest signee Bella

03 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

tjil had the pleasure of conversing with rookie Bella and during that conversation questions were not only answered… Bella was in fact unleashed.

She was discovered by Deal Done Records and released her first official single titled Reality last year. Being a new artist Bella shuns from boxing herself into one music genre. “What I have been doing so far is experimenting with different sounds.

“I am fairly new so I feel like I have the freedom to try out new sounds and with the guidance of people like Antonio I am sure I will find my feet,” she said.

She takes ideas from different genres and hopes to come up with a sound that anyone can enjoy listening to.

Bella told tjil that being affiliated to one of the biggest music stables in the country means so much to hear, more so as an upcoming artist. She added that she is privileged and grateful that her music made an impression on one of the biggest labels in the country. “This is still new for me so I really want to see where it will take me. It will be amazing to be recognised not only on national level, but internationally.

“One of my end goals is for my music to be celebrated globally. I want to take it far. I will not stop until I perform at some of the biggest international music stages,” added Bella.

She mentioned Lioness, Sally Boss Madam and Adora as some of the artists who inspire her.

“These women demonstrate that females have the power to achieve what they put their minds to. That is the kind of message I want to send out there through my music as well; that women can do anything.

“They are also so confident and I love that about them. Their presence on stage and the manner they engage their crowds when on stage is impressive,” said Bella.

Deal Done Records' founder Antonio told tjil that he knows special talent when he sees it. Antonio added that what is impressive about Bella's music capabilities is that she is able to perform live. “Not many artists can perform live especially in the early stages of their careers. As a label we have big plans for Bella and we are confident Namibians are going to love her sound,” said Antonio.