Booked and busy

New music in the pipeline

03 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Ann Singer recently took to social media to announce that she is working on new music. In a conversation with tjil, she shared both her plans and what has been keeping her busy. Asked how she has been as it has been a while since we heard from her, Singer said: “It's actually funny how many people never ask this question? Nonetheless I have been good, booked and busy and still very much breathing.”

On the creative direction she is taking on the music she is working on, the songster said that she has decided to stay true to who she is. “I have to admit that the music has a message and it touches on so many issues. Definitely singing my truth and greatly trying to transition my music from digital to live, especially in terms of production,” she said.

She revealed that her album is done, there are just a few glitches to be fixed and promised to drop a lead single before the album is released. She is super excited and nervous at the same time. She admitted that she does not have a specific release date but said it is definitely soon. “I am currently waiting for confirmation but I do have a couple of performances lined up for outside the country. I have one confirmed for September in South Africa and I will reveal all the details when the time comes,” she added.

Speaking on how far she is projecting her future musically, Singer told tjil that she is at a point in her life where she does not allow external factors to influence her. She knows that she cannot rush something that she will spend the rest of her life doing, which is music. She has come to comprehend that she is running her own race.

“We all have different goals, visions and of course, destinies. I have come to discover my purpose. I know what I want and what I have to do to get it. I have also come to understand that it is not about being noticed but about being remembered and I honestly want to be remembered,” she said.

She has been busy working on her vocals, perfecting her guitar skills, performing and just living in the moment. She said she knows what she is capable of and no one can take that away from her; she pictures herself going international one day. “Last year I performed in Europe and that for me was confirmation as to how far music can take me depending on how far I am willing to stretch and push myself. That for me was also confirmation of how great my talent is and that I have the potential to make it out there.

“I am patient and in the process while I am waiting for what I really want, I am working. I believe that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I should, at my own pace and with no pressure from nobody,” she stated.

Her contract with South Africa's Mabala Noise Entertainment ended last year. Narrating what she learned from that tenure, Singer mentioned that mentally it was a life-changing experience for her. She noted that she had to remind herself every day that it was real. Her music career had just started and she felt that she was pushed into the deep end. She admitted that the pressure to do her best was extreme yet she had to sit at the table with the big guns and most times it was very overwhelming. “It made me feel global you know, part of the bigger picture. One of the most significant things for me was always remembering what my parents had said to me about staying true to myself because I needed to not lose myself.”

“I remember when I performed at the Durban July in 2017, sharing a stage with the likes of Kelly Khumalo, Amanda Black, Musa and the late Robbie Malinga, man can you believe how small I felt? But I gave that performance my best; I gave it my all and never looked back.”

One of the biggest lessons was - hard work. She learned that even if you are signed to a major label you still need to put in the work, people can only do so much for you because you are the true master of your own destiny. “I am forever grateful for the opportunity that Mabala Noise Entertainment has given me, I believe I have shown the Namibian child that it is possible and what the power of music and hard work can do,” said Singer.

Her formula to constantly pushing herself in such an energy draining industry is being passionate. Living in a society where people believe music is a hobby, Ann Singer would like to prove them wrong and that keeps her going.

“I also have so much to prove to myself, I made myself a promise a few years ago that I want to live a life I am proud of and a life that I chose, not one chosen for me, and I see myself doing music for the rest of my life and knowing that, keeps me going,” she shared.