Beware of criminals posing as cops

Scammers posing as private investigators

26 July 2021 | Crime



People in the Tsumkwe Constituency last month fell victim to a man who passed himself off as a constable by the name of Martin Hausiku, using the number 081 329 7581.

According to a statement issued by regional police spokesperson Maureen Mbeha, people who had registered cases with the police became the targets of a man posing as a private investigator and requesting payments from unsuspecting victims.

By posing as a concerned community member, the scammer obtained information pertaining to cases registered with the police.

He used this information to contact the complainants, pretending to be a private investigator and demanding money from them or persuading them to give him their banking details.

Once banking details are received, the scammer uses an unknown mobile app to withdraw money from the victim’s account.

On 17 July, a 57-year-old Grootfontein man lost N$5 300, while a woman lost N$200 to the same scam.

An officer at the Grootfontein charge office has admitted to giving information on pending cases to a man who identified himself as Chief Inspector Martin Joseph Nekundi from Otjiwarongo.

Members of the public are warned that the police do not engage third parties in the investigation of cases.

“Members of the public are requested to ignore such telephonic instructions as these are only criminals who want to scam them of their money,” Mbeha said.

She said if a member of the community has opened a case, the police will visit the complainant at the address provided on the statement, or request that they report to the police station for further statements.

Mbeha advised the public to contact the police station commander in their area if they receive suspicious phone calls or text messages with regard to their cases.

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