Berseba community wants a police station

14 September 2021 | Crime



The community of Berseba in the //Karas Region on Friday staged a peaceful demonstration, calling on the police to set up a satellite police station at the village.

The group, in a petition handed over to the regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo, said: “This is as a matter of urgency. We are vulnerable and marred by so many evils.

“Day in and day out we are fearing for our lives as we have been left at the mercy of criminals who don’t care for the lives of others.

“We cry out loud today and this is to be noted on all spheres of leadership that time is now to come to our rescue.”

The group said they had complained about the same issue several times in the past.

Berseba and the surrounding farms are served by the Tses police station, located 50 kilometres away.

“Tses police station has shown that it is not able to promptly serve the vast and scattered community of Berseba, so put up a police station here, we know our sons and daughters will begin to realise the presence of the police as police visibility is key in curbing crime,” said the group.

Receiving the petition, Mubebo said: “I promise that once we receive the response from the inspector-general, we will come back either in person or through local structures and give you feedback on what he will say to your request.”

The demonstration was triggered by the rape and stabbing of a 64-year-old woman, allegedly by 36-year-old Sylvester Frederick, who was denied bail earlier last week.