Be safe this Easter

18 April 2019 | Columns

Easter is always a busy period on our roads, as thousands embark on journeys to various destinations, so they can spend time with their loved ones. In fact, more people are expected on our roads this weekend, considering that the school holidays are also in full swing. This means there will be sharp focus - once again - on road safety. It is quite disappointing that despite several efforts and campaigns to improve road safety awareness and education, accidents that could have been easily avoided still occur on our national roads. From one campaign to another, the message of ensuring safety on our public roads has been overemphasised by various stakeholders, including law-enforcement agencies, the media, government and critical roleplayers like the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and the National Road Safety Council. As motorists we have a responsibility to ensure that our vehicles are roadworthy and meet all the necessary traffic standards. Speed also plays a major role and therefore speeding must be strongly discouraged. We should all aspire to be good road safety ambassadors, because the shenanigans on our roads affects us all. It is against this background that we urge all road users to stay safe and responsible on our roads this Easter, by practicing tolerance and patience. As motorists we also have the moral obligation to adhere to road traffic laws and regulations at all times. We also urge law-enforcement agencies to ensure that there is hardline approach to reckless driving, especially when someone is found to be intoxicated behind the wheel. It is really sad that so many lives have been lost to preventable and unnecessary crashes. Namibia cannot continue to be robbed of productive citizens because of the irresponsible conduct of a selected few. The dramatic costs associated with crashes also have far-reaching consequences for us all. It is thus paramount that road safety should always be among our top priorities as a nation. Happy travels this Easter weekend, and be safe!