Be mindful - boardroom fatigue is real

05 June 2019 | Business

The PwC Business School is well known for training sessions in directors’ roles and responsibilities as well as corporate governance matters.

However, during the month of August the focus will shift towards “boardroom fatigue and associated risks”. This upcoming seminar will focus on offering management and directors the tools to reduce, mitigate or altogether avoid the dreaded executive burnout: expectations of executive management and board members have increased over the past decades.

Shareholders and companies rely increasingly on their corporate executives and the board of directors to deal with commercial issues and move a company into the realm of success, profit and returns.

Daily pressures in dealing with tight budgets, confusing legislation endless meetings, conflicting messages, unrealistic expectations and deadlines, excessive workloads, targets, succession planning and the ‘blame-and-shame game’ are all considered to be common stress inducers.

Physical or mental slowdown results in reduced productivity, miscommunications and in some cases, accidents. Directors and executives who display signs of irritability, cynicism, sarcasm or inability to focus or commit could seriously affect commercial decisions and negatively influence outcomes and relationships. Understanding the causes of workplace and boardroom fatigue assist you in finding ways to reduce the associated risks and improve personal and corporate performance.

When we are highly stressed and worried, we often act and react instinctively – the knee-jerk reaction. Irritation and resentment may surface because we feel threatened or just plain worn out. When we learn to manage stress, we can teach our brains to react with intent rather than through instinct. We can employ tools to work smarter and more efficient.

PwC and the Namibian Institute of Corporate Governance (NICG) offer a two-day seminar in which many professionals will address the physical and psychological fall-out from burnout. Special focus will be given to working smarter at executive level and in the boardroom to limit exposure to boardroom fatigue.

This seminar is definitely not to be missed and all interested directors, company secretaries and executive management are welcome to visit our website at for more details.