‘Baboon’ incident causes uproar at Outjo

28 July 2021 | Local News



A group of black visitors to Etotongwe Lodge in Outjo said they were called ‘baboons’ and assaulted during a stand-off with a group of white businessmen who came to watch a rugby game at the bar.

However, lodge owner Francois Theart refuted the allegations, saying no one was called a baboon and dismissed the assault claims as “interesting”.

Theart also said he was not present during the incident, but saw what transpired via video footage, which he has shared with the Namibian police.

One of the victims, Leonard Tjiwaa Vevangaune, reported the matter to the Outjo police and said he also plans to organise a ‘Down With Racism’ march at the town in the coming days.

According to him, much of the white patrons’ attitude was triggered by black South African athletes representing that country at the Olympics.

Baboons, monkeys

In his statement, Vevanguane said they visited the lodge for a meal and while there, they overheard racial derogatory terms uttered by some white patrons watching the South African rugby team led by captain Siya Kolisi.

“My friends and I were watching TV when a man started making racial remarks about ‘what [are] baboons [doing] amongst people’.

“Another man said ‘that is how monkeys behave’, and another walked towards me and told me that I was poor and I do not belong here,” he said.

According to him, the group of white people then started to gang up on them and assaulting them with punches throwing pebbles at them.

Deputy commissioner of the Namibian police Kauna Shikwambi could not confirm whether a case had been opened and whether investigations are underway.

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