Avoid shebeens, churches – Nampol

25 March 2020 | Police



The police are urging people not to gather in large numbers at churches, shebeens or other public places during the coronavirus state of emergency.

The inspector-general of Nampol said people continue to crowd places such as churches, restaurants, bars and shebeens, even where there is limited space.

“They are ignoring the potential risks involved,” police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga said.

Dispersing crowds

“In light of the above, Nampol will not hesitate to introduce coercive measures to enforce the dispersal of crowds at overcrowded places,” he added.

Ndeitunga pointed out that during the state of emergency, no groups of more than 50 people are allowed anywhere.

“Should the need for gathering arise, this must be done within the limits of the required space and a number of not more than 50 people at a given time.

“Also, the provision of sanitation, social distancing and other relevant measures must be observed at all times,” he said.

Get take-aways

Owners of restaurants, bars and shebeens were told to encourage their patrons to take their beverages and food home with them.

Ndeitunga said no prison visits would be allowed for now.

“It is important to note that no contact with inmates would be permitted and that any items brought for inmates will be subjected to a thorough search and identification of the bearer,” he said.

Ndeitunga also urged that items brought for inmates be properly sanitised and marked with the inmate’s name before being handed over to members of the force.