Authentically Namibian

The law firm has 13 lawyers, consisting of 11 admitted legal practitioners and two candidate legal practitioners.Jeanette Diergaardt

30 July 2021 | Business

In April 2003, Sisa Namandje opened the first law firm owned by a Unam law graduate in Namibia and at the time, one of the few black-owned law firms in Namibia. From the get-go he aimed to be a force to be reckoned with, which he proved to be, having various successful legal judgments under his belt and being the youngest acting judge of the High Court at the age of 35.

Now, 18 years down the line, they are still going strong. The law firm is seen as one of the leading law firms in the country, having been recognised with Diamond and Gold PMR Awards for best law firm over the last five years.

Mission and Vision

At Sisa Namandje & Co Inc, growth is key. Their mission remains to steer the growth in the legal fraternity by becoming the preferred teaching law firm for young lawyers while rendering immaculate legal services and ensuring justice for their clients.

Furthermore, they aim to achieve continuity of the law firm beyond the current size and produce movers and shakers in the legal fraternity. The law firm prides itself in employing young lawyers who grow in diverse areas over the years.

Responsibility to the people

“We believe in the spirit of Ubuntu; we are because of the people,” says Taimi Iileka-Amupanda, one of the directors at Sisa Namandje & Co Inc. Iileka further explained that their social responsibilities vary from pro-bono legal services to the funding of students in tertiary institutions and community upliftment.

The law firm donated to assist victims of the Twaloloka fire in Walvis Bay during 2020 and spends over N$20 000 monthly in monetary contributions towards various humanitarian causes across the country.

Quality above all else

If you ever dreamt of becoming a part of the dynamic team, here are the key qualities that the team in charge looks for: “We seek to employ self-motivated, highly intelligent, hard-working lawyers who demonstrate a balance between academic excellence and social skills. The legal fraternity is very rigorous and we like to ensure that our lawyers have a good balance to work well under pressure while still very capable at maintaining good relationships with our diverse clients.”

What they do

Diversity is key and at Sisa Namandje & Co Inc. they practise this aspect daily. With more than 30 employees, various areas of law are practised there. The non-exhaustive list includes criminal and civil litigation, administrative law, constitutional law, family law, law of estate and estate planning, commercial law and law of contract, ICT and banking law and conveyancing practice. A mouthful, yes, but diverse, absolutely. The law firm has 13 lawyers, consisting of 11 admitted legal practitioners and two candidate legal practitioners.

Beginning days

In 2016 Namandje took part in the Masters of Success talk show hosted by MTC. He outlined what the first days were like and explained how he started the law firm with nothing in his bank account after all his expenses were paid. He not only came from poverty but proved that everything is possible once you set your mind and heart on accomplishing your goals. His emphasis - hard work, above all.