Ausiku urges government

Service delivery crucial

24 July 2020 | Economics

We want to see more investment in the field of agriculture and value addition to address food security in the region. Sirkka Ausiku, Governor: Kavango west

Kavango west has seen improvements in the past seven years, especially in the area of bringing services closer to the people, the region’s governor Sirkka Ausiku said.

Ausiku while delivering the state of the region address at Nkurenkuru said services were brought closer to the people when some offices, agencies and ministries moved to Nkurenkuru.

“These offices also created employment for our people which helped to stimulate the local economy,” she said.

Ausiku, however, called on the ministries of health and social services, industrialisation and trade, justice, environment, forestry and tourism, agriculture, water and land reform, as well as that of fisheries and marine resources to set up offices there as the community according to her is being denied the most important and basic services.

The governor further said Kavango west in 2019 successfully hosted its first investment conference with the help of the Development Bank of Namibia and positive responses have been received from investors since.

They are looking to invest mostly in the areas of agriculture, housing and manufacturing.

“We also established the regional development fund last year to assist performing learners and students to further their studies and support developmental projects aimed at empowering the youth and women,” she noted.

Ausiku said the regional development fund currently supports four students at institutions of higher learning and is also supporting a project that fixes broken school furniture.

Meanwhile, the governor said development in the region is still hampered by challenges such as poor road infrastructure networks, inadequate water infrastructure as well as a lack of rural electrification.

She said in the next five years Kavango west wants to see more investment in the field of agriculture, with an emphasis on food production and value addition to address food security in the region. - Nampa