Assisting those in need

Reschelle helps out Mount View High School pupils

20 November 2018 | Youth

Tunohole Mungoba

With examinations in full swing, learners at Mount View High School in Okahandja Park are struggling in terms of the tools they need to ace their tests.

Miss High School finalist Reschelle Beukes approached Gondwana Collection Namibia to assist with their plight.

“The learners did not have any calculators during the examinations or dictionaries. I have very special place in my heart for education, so it does not sit well with me when children are denied the opportunity to perform to the best of their capabilities, because they do not have calculators,” Beukes explained.

Gondwana donated a total of 100 English/Afrikaans dictionaries and 50 scientific calculators.

Gys Joubert, managing director of Gondwana, applauded Beukes for commitment and desire to make a difference.

“It didn’t take much convincing for us to partner with Reschelle. Her project is perfectly aligned with our Gondwana Care Trust vision,” he said.

Joubert added he is grateful to be involved on a level where every learner can get a helping hand.

Mount View principal Brian Ndabeni said the efforts of Beukes and Gondwana will not go unnoticed.

“I sincerely extend my gratitude to the Reschelle, Gondwana and the principal of Windhoek High School, Hawie Engels. Although Reschelle is a learner at Windhoek High School, her principal did not stop or discourage her from assisting other schools,” said Ndabeni.

“We are deeply honoured and we appreciate this donation. It is going to make a huge difference and be assured that your contribution will not go to waste.”

The crowning of Miss High and the Chamber Choirs competition is scheduled to take place on 30 May 2019.