Another vaccination site for Walvis

29 July 2021 | Health



Walvis Bay now boasts another permanent Covid-19 vaccination site at the Narraville Lutheran church hall.

The site was officially opened on Tuesday morning, with locals steadily coming in to get the jab. A total of 45 people got vaccinated on the first day.

Another vaccine site is stationed at Welwitschia Hospital.

Pastor Mark Beukes encouraged the public to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“We are not forcing you, but we are pleading with you to get vaccinated in order for us, our town, region and country to be healed, covered and protected against Covid-19. We have lost too many lives already. It’s now time, with the grace and help of God, to fight against Covid-19.”

At the moment, only the Sinopharm vaccine is available at the new site.

“As soon as we receive AstraZeneca, we will inform the community,” Beukes said.

For my health

Maureen Alcock (65) was one of the first people to receive the vaccine at the Lutheran church hall.

“After weighing my options, I was encouraged by a family member to get the jab for the sake of my health. He said we should not follow the propaganda on social media, but should go, because it will help.”

Alcock said she was hesitant when she heard that it was an especially ‘long needle’ being used for the injection.

“But that was not the case. The process was quick and easy,” she said.

She added that age is just a number. “Get vaccinated, it’s for your own good.”

Reverend Mercedy Benz also got vaccinated on Tuesday.

“I came in contact with a lot of people who tested positive for the virus, and at times it really had me in a panic. By getting vaccinated, I feel that I am at least doing something to protect myself. I do believe that God has given our scientists the necessary knowledge to invent these vaccines.”

Consult your doctor

Benz, who had a heart operation when she was younger, said she consulted her doctor on which vaccine to take. He recommended Sinopharm.

“It’s due to my heart problem that I decided to get vaccinated,” she said.

She described the process at the site as ‘quick and easy’. “I know there have been many things said, but I love checking statistics. Yes, there have been people who have gotten sick after taking the vaccine, but the ratio of people who have gotten sick or died who did not get the vaccine clearly shows. There are so many families dealing with loss at this time because of this pandemic.”

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