Amupanda KOs Doeseb

MTC project thrills

14 October 2019 | Sports

JESSE JACKSON KAURAISA - Namibian public figures had a chance to stretch their muscles after participating in the MTC Knockout Project at the Windhoek Country Club on Saturday.

It was a fun-filled event with some of the most hilarious boxing styles on display.

The most highly anticipated fight of the night unfortunately almost ended in a scare after activist Job Amupanda threw a punch which left Johnny Doeseb in some confusion and panic.

Doeseb landed in the corner and was uncurious for a few seconds before he could regain consciousness.

The referee stopped the fight and Amupanda was declared the winner by knockout. Event management guru Michael Vermeulen knocked down musician Tate Buti in the second round of the second bout of the night. DJ Max-T avoided the lion's den and threw in the towel after receiving fearsome enemy punches from inspirational speaker Sam Shivute just after the first round.

“I had to play smart because this guy was really going to hurt me. It is always important to weigh your options and actually surrender,” Max-T said.

Dokkies Schmidt and Paulus Shipanga fought to a technical draw, while Jossy Joss lost to Theo Ishuna in what proved to be one of the surprises of the night.

The bout between Rapper KP Illest and TV radio personality Paul Da Prince also ended in a draw.

DJ Cheeze and Sunny Boy took it to three rounds and Sunny Boy was declared the winner on points.

Mappz sent Mufar Nesongano down to the canvas in the first round to win the first bout of the night.