Alleged CBD shooter in court

Bail denied

31 January 2019 | Justice


Simataa Simasiku (33), accused of shooting two of his colleagues in the Windhoek city centre on Monday, briefly appeared before the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Simasiku was denied bail. He is charged with the fatal shooting of Global Fund employee Sarah Mwilima and the attempted murder of her colleague, Ester Nepolo.

Simasiku told Magistrate Vanessa Stanley that he planned to hire a private lawyer, but if unsuccessful, he would apply for legal aid.

Prosecutor Sylvia Kauluma said the State opposed bail because of the nature of the crime and the high level of public interest in the matter.

According to the charge sheet Simasiku stormed into an office on the eighth floor of the City Centre building in the heart of Windhoek just before noon on Monday. He shot two female colleagues, killing one and wounding the other critically with a 9mm Makarov pistol.

The shooting brought the central business district to a standstill.

Simasiku and the two women worked for the Global Fund under the ministry of health and social services.

Simasiku later handed himself over to the police at Wanaheda.

Investigations into the matter continue.