Alcohol ban taming drunkard society – Ndeitunga

19 May 2020 | Police

Kenya Kambowe


Namibia is a “drunkard society”.

This according to police chief, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga, who added that the temporary ban on the sale of alcohol during the coronavirus state of emergency has transformed citizens into healthy people and significantly reduced crime.

Ndeitunga made the remarks during a telephonic interview with Namibian Sun over the weekend, and called for studies and public consultations to be conducted regarding the nation's alcohol problem.

He also suggested the strengthening of alcohol legislation as well as an increase on the prize of booze to curb Namibians' drinking habits.

“I know many people will complain because they are addicted to alcohol,” Ndeitunga said.

'Butcheries with blood everywhere'

The police chief attributed most crime and the unproductivity of citizens to the abuse of alcohol.

“This society is becoming a very healthy society without alcohol. I wish it would continue like this. Maybe the legislators can look into this,” Ndeitunga said.

He added that prior to the temporary alcohol ban, hospital casualties were turned into “butcheries with blood everywhere” every weekend due to booze-fuelled fights and altercations.

“We cannot continue with a drunkard society and expect the crime to go down. You cannot expect the productivity in all sectors to go up if this current status quo remains.”

Export booze

“We cannot continue with this irresponsible behaviour,” Ndeitunga stressed.

Furthermore, the police chief advocated more alcohol being exported out of the country.

This, in turn, will generate revenue, he said.

“The culprit for all this is alcohol. We should control alcohol,” Ndeitunga added.