Agra weaner championship resumes

Rewards for top farmers

09 June 2021 | Agriculture



Agra Auctions recently launched the annual Agra Weaner Championship Series for 2021.

The Agra Weaner Championship Series rewards Namibian producers for excellent farming practices.

Agra believes it is extremely important to provide a platform for farmers to show off their production quality, as this sets the standards for commercial farming practices.

According to Agra, it is always exciting to have young and emerging farmers participating in the series, as this shows continuity and growth for commercial cattle production.

The series is also a valuable learning opportunity for up-and-coming producers, as they are able to gauge their calves against the production standards on a national level.

As always, standardised judging criteria will be used by experienced judges – who are all respected production specialists.

These standards are upheld at every single auction, which eliminates personal bias and ensures consistency and high judging standards between events.

Animals are judged on the criteria of feedlot potential, field potential and breeding potential.

“After a prolonged period of drought across most of Namibia, the majority of producers are now in a herd rebuilding phase,” Agra says.

Seller’s market

The Agra Weaner Championship Series offers farmers an opportunity to improve their cash flow, as it provides critical exposure for local producers to a large local and South African buying market.

Current market prices favour the producer and the demand for quality weaner calves are high.

Over the years, the Agra Weaner Championship Series has become a valuable part of the cattle farming calendar in Namibia. Good participation is expected and a total of 18 auctions are scheduled for this year’s Series.

Winners are awarded at each individual event and progress to the next stage where they are judged regionally and nationally.

Competition is very tough, and to walk away with the title of Overall Weaner Champion is a remarkable achievement. Winning requires commitment to the highest quality production standards, exceptional knowledge and consistent farming practices.