Ablution facilities needed

Donations continue to pour in for Twaloloka residents

31 July 2020 | Local News



A big consignment of food, tents and mattresses from the Office of the Prime Minister was officially handed over to Twaloloka residents on Wednesday afternoon. A fire in the area claimed the life of a toddler and destroyed about 150 shacks in the informal settlement in Walvis Bay on Sunday evening. Tents have been set up in an open area behind Twaloloka to accommodate the affected residents. Erongo governor Neville Andre explained that over 50 tents have already been erected to house most of the affected households. Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) also donated 450 tents.

Ablution facilities needed

“I am thankful to those who have assisted in making it possible that our people have a place to sleep, have matrasses to sleep on and have blankets to cover themselves, especially during these unpredictable weather conditions,” the governor said.

He called on sympathisers, philanthropists, organisations and the private sector to provide more ablution facilities.

“Sanitation and hygiene are of utmost importance, particularly during this time when we are battling the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Andre also appealed to residents to be vigilant and take personal responsibility to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring.

A room has been created onsite to house all donations and distribute them to the beneficiaries.

“We have engaged with Erongo RED to look at the possibility of providing temporary electrification at the site. They are currently looking into it,” Andre said.

A relocation plan aimed at providing long-term shelter to those affected and others living in backyard shacks has been set in motion.

“The three identified sites for relocation will be ready for occupation between 15 and 25 August on the erf given by the National Housing Enterprise and two portions at Farm 37.

“We are requesting the public's patience to allow the identified sites to be prepared. Further announcements by the relevant authorities will be made accordingly.”

New name

The governor also assured Twaloloka residents that government will help them realise their hopes for a better life.

“Twaloloka means 'we are tired', however, as brave sons and daughters of this country, we can never be tired. We should be strong and shoulder on.

“It is for this reason that it will now be called Otweya, and not Twaloloka anymore. Government is very committed and will make sure that we will provide the necessary support during such crises,” Andre said.

Otweya means “we are coming”.

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