A test of our humanity

27 March 2020 | Opinion

As the coronavirus continues to dominate our daily lives as humans, living like a thorn in our collective psyche, it also represents an opportunity to show our true worth as caring individuals.

As some have pointed out, the emotional side of this pandemic is often overlooked, but it's the ultimate battlefield in our fight against the outbreak.

Although our concern and worry over the virus is not misplaced, the most useful thing people can do at this stage is to stick to trusted sources of information like the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organisation and reputable media outlets.

This will protect us from the irresponsible rumourmongers and people who use this time of crisis as an opportunity to sell things or inflame emotions.

If ever we needed reminding that we live in an interconnected world, the coronavirus has brought that home in a massive way.

In the same breath, this virus will further expose shortcomings in sanitation, housing and other factors that shape health outcomes, especially in our poorest areas.

As many have opined, beyond this, the path of the virus will also undoubtedly test our principles, values and shared humanity.

It is time to step up to the plate as humans, and see how we can assist the most vulnerable among us during this difficult time.

We owe it to ourselves to display the best traits we have as humans.