A lawyer’s dream

07 May 2021 | Local News

Rivaldo Kavanga

It is many Namibian law students’ and lawyers’ dream to start their own law firm. Henry Shimutwikeni has achieved this by establishing his own firm in 2016. Within five years, the company has grown to 20 employees, of whom 11 are lawyers with LLB degrees and the remaining nine are support staff. The law firm currently has two branches, in Windhoek and at Eenhana.

Essential goals

The firm offers a range of legal services which include civil litigation, labour law, company law, commercial law, administrative law, debt collection, asset protection, administration of estates, family law, criminal law, liquidations and notarial public services.

Growth is central to the firm’s goals. They aim to keep growing in order to add value to the brand, and as a result seek punctuality, meticulousness, discipline, conflict resolution, innovative ideas, professionalism and ambition in potential employees.

Community development

Developing an informed community is a key responsibility Henry Shimutwikeni & Co Inc has sought to take on. The firm does this by financially supporting university students, and awarding a scholarship worth N$20 000 to the best grade 12 candidate from a public school.

The firm has also taken on several pro bono cases such as the Okahandja land grabbers case, the case of Nanso students who were assaulted by the Namibian Defence Force in 2018 and the case of the Walvis Bay Twaloloka residents as they faced eviction in 2018.

A number of lawyers from the firm are also trustees of the People’s Litigation Centre, which is a pro bono law centre.

Legal practitioner Iyaloo Nghishongwa says the most important thing, regardless of your profession, is to have a broad appreciation and understanding of the society in which you operate. Nghishongwa recommends ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ as great television shows for aspiring lawyers.