A fresh talent to look out for

Shaping his itinerary to the top

27 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

It amazes me to witness how music can transform an individual's life. Earlier this year I met Slime; he had accompanied his labelmate King Elegant to an interview he had with me. Fast forward to today and his name is featured on the line-ups of the biggest music shows in the country.

The BlvcBoxx Entertainment signee recently released his Extend Play (EP) titled While we Wait, so tjil reached out to its maker to dissect this new body of work. Speaking on what the project is about, Slime described While we Wait as an extended play record of a few songs that are going to be on his next tape, which he plans to release before November, if not sooner. “It is an extract that consists of four songs that I have released since I have not dropped in a while. Also, I just want to thank my fans for their love, support and patience that they have shown towards me while I work on my next tape,” said Slime.

On signing to one of the coolest record labels in the country, Slime shared that BlvcBoxx Entertainment came into the picture when he met King Elegant. “He was the one that introduced me to the BlvcBoxx family. I call him my brother because he motivates me and tells me to keep pushing, exactly how a big brother would,” he said. He added that BlvcBoxx Entertainment helps him in so many ways.

As an emerging artist, Slime said it is very hard to get booked for shows but being affiliated to the label has made that easier for him. “The record label has been around for a while and they have established good working relationships with several people who organise shows. BlvcBoxx helped me get shows and recognition in the mainstream music industry,” said Slime.

His sound is a subgenre of hip-hop called Trap music; with so many subgenres in hip-hop, tjil asked why he has decided to choose Trap as his medium of expression. “I chose Trap music because it is a genre filled with a hard attitude and you can feel it in the sound of the hit hats, loud kicks, snappy snares and low-end 808 bass. Trap music makes people move no matter what.

“Another reason why I chose Trap is because it is mostly the genre I listen to. My playlist is filled with a lot of Trap music but I like to categorise myself as a flexible musician. I do not only make Trap music, I actually make other genres too, such as Afro-pop and R&B,” he said.

He revealed that his forthcoming tape will be titled The Slime Cocktail because it will consist of different genres. He added that The Slime Cocktail will demonstrate to people that he can make any kind of music that comes his way, not only Trap.

Summing up the conversation with tjil, the rapper said that music started out as a hobby for him. He mentioned that he did not think one day people were going to buy into his music.

“Surprisingly, people love my music and I have no choice but to be an artist. Now that I am in the music scene, I'd like to leave a Slime legacy behind, I want Wambo Trap music to be known countrywide, I badly want to get a NAMA and I also want to take Namibian music abroad,” he said.