50 referees wanted in Omaheke

23 February 2021 | Sports



The Omaheke Region needs at least 50 referees in order to have a fully functional group of match officials, regional football chairman Ludwig Nunuheb says.

The Omaheke Football Region has grown from strength to strength over the years, producing fine football players and athletes.

The regional office has now embarked on a journey to add value to its operations by producing more local referees.

The region hosted a training course for 11 referees from last year November to this year.

Nunuheb expressed excitement over the referees who completed training but said he was hoping for more referees to come on board, given the football activities the region was planning. “They started last year with theory before proceeding to a practical this year.

“A fitness test was also recently conducted on them and the results were satisfactory.

“I am happy for those referees that came on board because this region really needs these guys,” Nunuheb said.

“We are however looking to expand to other places like Otjinene, Onderombapa, Aminius, Epukiro, Otjombinde and Eiseb Block to come through.

“It will be a wonderful thing to have individuals from places and their surroundings I mentioned to come on board,” Nunuheb remarked.

The chairman asked those that are interested in taking refereeing courses to contact his office to be referred to the refereeing body. Nunuheb further praised people from places like Tsaka, Leonardville, Omitara and Witvlei for their interest in officiating the beautiful game.

“One would like to thank some of these places for having had vast interest in match officiating.

“The region is massive and having some of these guys taking part in the courses will probably set an example and perhaps help us to rope in a few more individuals,” Nunuheb said.