287 000 unclaimed certificates

03 December 2019 | Education

Elizabeth Joseph

According to chief education officer Dr Elizabeth Ndjendja some of the reasons for the unclaimed Grade 10 and 12 certificates are learners not taking this seriously to some knowing that their results are not positive.

She said these learners often go straight to an alternative institution to redo certain subjects and thus don’t need their certificates.

The certificates date back to 1993.

“You never know whether or not someone is even still alive, when trying to make sure that people pick up their certificates.

“It places the ministry in deep difficulty, because we can’t get rid of the documents,” she says.

The ministry wants to encourage people who never picked up their certificates to do so, this might help lessen stress and take some work off their hands.

“All certificates that will remain unclaimed after a period of one year as from 31 August 2019 will be categorised as not having an owner or being unwanted by the owner, and will be earmarked for destruction,” a notice published recently by the Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment said.

The ministry has appealed to the public to collect the unclaimed full- and part-time Grade 10 and 12 certificates from 1993 to 2016, as it is running out of storage space.

Candidates have been notified to contact the examination directorate’s offices to confirm the availability of their certificates, before collection.