150 inmates moved to ease overcrowding

03 December 2019 | Local News

The Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) has transferred 150 inmates from the Oluno Correctional Facility in Oshana to three correctional facilities in the two Kavango regions.

The Oluno facility was reportedly overcrowded by 151 inmates, which made it difficult for the wardens to manage the prison efficiently.

Despite the NCS saying the recent transfers were done because the Oluno facility was full beyond capacity, according to documents obtained by Namibian Sun it was a general transfer of inmates.

NCS spokesperson Laimi Hainghumbi said the facility has an official capacity of 557 inmates, but the congestion was caused by 708 inmates that were house there until recently.

“The Oluno Correctional Facility transferred inmates to other correctional facilities for an approved motive aimed at alleviating the overcrowding at that facility. The first 100 inmates were officially transferred to the Evaristus Shikongo Correctional Facility, while 25 others were officially transferred to the Elizabeth Nepemba Correctional Facility on 22 November,” Hainghumbi said.

“So far a total of 150 inmates have been transferred. On 12 November, 25 inmates were officially transferred to the Divundu Correctional Facility with the purpose of facilitating the work at the correctional farm.

“At the Divundu Correctional Facility maize, wheat and vegetables are produced that are distributed to all correctional facilities for consumption by inmates; hence there was an urgent demand for farmworkers,” Hainghumbi added.

The NCS runs 13 correctional facilities across Namibia of various sizes, functions and architectural designs.

They have various types of offender populations and in some instances deal with challenge of overcrowded conditions.

Ileni Nandjato