102 Namibians arrested for drugs in March

Police continue crackdown on dope

21 April 2021 | Crime



About 96% of the 106 suspects arrested for drug-related crimes last month are Namibians, while drugs to the value of more than N$1 million were seized.

Since the beginning of February to the end of March, more than 190 Namibians were arrested for the possession of or dealing in drugs.

According to statistics provided by the Namibian police, 102 Namibians were arrested in connection with drug-related matters during March, while two Zambians, an Angolan and a Nigerian national was also arrested.

The statics indicate that the value of drugs seized totalled more than N$1.104 million.

This included 91.180kg of cannabis to the value of N$911 800 as well as 805 mandrax tablets to the value of N$96 600.

Police also confiscated 49 units of crack cocaine valued at N$4 900 and 3.5 grams cocaine powder valued at N$750.

The previous month, police seized drugs valued at more than N$2.264 million, of which the value of cannabis confiscated totalled more than N$2.189 million

In February, 96 suspects were arrested, of which 91 were Namibians.

“The police encourage the public to report any suspicion of drug-related matters,” the spokesperson of the police, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, said.