Minister denies Westair connection

11 June 2019 | Transport

Public enterprises minister Leon Jooste today said he has no interest in Westair Aviation as alleged in the local media. He also said denied that there was a “concerted effort” to kill Air Namibia to benefit Westair. In 2017, The Patriot reported allegations of a “well-crafted conspiracy”, which allegedly includes cabinet ministers, aimed at deliberately ensuring that Air Namibia will remain depended on leasing aircrafts at exorbitant amounts. This is after reports surfaced that Westair had reportedly bought almost half of the Air Namibia’s fleet from Air France Regional. The newspapers’ sources claimed that Jooste was one of the ministers aware of the deal. Jooste denied this at a media briefing. Westair last night announced it has been granted designated carrier status by the National Transport Commission of Namibia, which makes it an official scheduled passenger airline with flights to various destinations domestically and in the subregion under the brand name FlyWestair.