A heist most foul

2 months ago - 06 March 2019 | Opinion

Nearly two years after the SME Bank was closed down, its liquidators are finally honing in on the Zimbabweans who jointly stole about N$347 million...


Prosecute illegal timber loggers

2 months ago - 05 March 2019 | Opinion

Corruption remains public enemy number one in many developing countries and Namibia is no exception. There have been many concerns regarding the rampant abuse of...


Hang your heads in shame

2 months ago - 04 March 2019 | Opinion

It is clear that the situation at Kuvukiland in Tsumeb is untenable. Something has to be done for the more than 6 000 people who...


Stop the killings

2 months ago - 22 February 2019 | Opinion

At the beginning of the week, news trickled in that a young man, aged 27, allegedly killed his two cousins and proceeded to raping his...


Sexy vs substance

2 months ago - 21 February 2019 | Opinion

Social media has been abuzz with photos of skimpily-clad young people, ostensibly part of a Swapo youth wing project that features a young lady wearing...


Taxed to death

2 months ago - 20 February 2019 | Opinion

In their report titled ‘Quarterly Economics and Fixed Income 1Q 2019: What Lies Ahead in 2019?’, Simonis Storm Securities (SSS) said during recessions, among the...

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