Weather forecasters optimistic

10 months ago - 19 October 2018 | Weather

Namibia's rain prospects for next week have been described as excellent.Forecasters agree that it is expected most of the country can expect rains next week,...


Rainy month ahead

10 months ago - 09 October 2018 | Weather

The patches of light rainfall recorded in the central areas of Namibia over the weekend are the start of what promises to be a rainy...


Rains are here

10 months ago - 01 October 2018 | Weather

The first rains of the season have begun early, with more isolated thundershowers expected today in the central and southern parts of the country following...


Zintle brings sub-zero temperatures

11 months ago - 05 September 2018 | Weather

Namibians should brace themselves for icy days ahead, with an intense cold front, dubbed Zintle, set to reach the country by tomorrow, which will bring...



11 months ago - 03 September 2018 | Weather

The chances of Namibia suffering yet another drought year has grown immensely, with the probability of another El NiƱo occurrence increasing to about 70% for...


Big freeze is back

1 year - 03 August 2018 | Weather

More cold fronts are expected in Namibia next week, pushed by an anticyclone. Odillo Kgobetsi, chief meteorological technician for forecasting at the Windhoek weather...

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