Social Issues

Namibians drown in liquor

8 months ago - 07 September 2018 | Social Issues

About of half of Namibian men are drinkers, the latest statistics on alcohol consumption in Namibia show.A total of 37% of the Namibian population regularly...

Social Issues

Namibia's shame

8 months ago - 23 August 2018 | Social Issues

About 18 months after Namibian Sun first lifted the veil on the living conditions of a forgotten San community in Ohangwena, their hopeless and impoverish...

Social Issues

Women still lag behind

9 months ago - 15 August 2018 | Social Issues

A Southern Africa gender survey has found that 28% of women hold economic decision-making posts in Namibia, compared to more than 36% in Botswana and...

Social Issues

Food bank rollout in full...

9 months ago - 14 August 2018 | Social Issues

Training has started for Rundu food bank street committee members, to pave the way for the programme to be rolled out in the north.In July,...

Social Issues

Govt failing the poor

10 months ago - 06 July 2018 | Social Issues

A survey of more than 1 000 adult Namibians found that nearly half had gone without food at least once in the span of a...

Social Issues

Drugs, alcohol ensnare youth

10 months ago - 26 June 2018 | Social Issues

Alcohol “remains the biggest drug problem” overall in Namibia, among adults and youth, followed by dagga, mandrax and crack cocaine abuse, the health ministry has...

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