Innovation is essential

1 month - 18 February 2019 | Opinion

So yet another dismal season of dismal rainfall is upon us and soon coming to an end with no respite in sight. That Namibia is...


Ignorance is a horrible thing

2 months ago - 13 February 2019 | Opinion

Recent remarks uttered by the Swapo //Karas Region coordinator Matthews Mumbala show how dangerously ignorant our leaders are when it comes to the rule of...


The nexus between spirituality, integrity...

2 months ago - 08 February 2019 | Opinion

This articles focus on what spirituality, integrity and development have in common. All three have the ability to reduce corruption because they stem from the...


A battle we must win

2 months ago - 06 February 2019 | Opinion

Weekly crime reports in Namibia are horrific reads.From people being attacked over measly amounts of money like N$10 and N$30, to the proliferation of stabbings,...


Chestnuts, sticks and stones

2 months ago - 05 February 2019 | Opinion

Justicia Shipena According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), health is “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence...


Caring about corruption a luxury

2 months ago - 04 February 2019 | Opinion

Several analysts are of the view that this year's elections will not be affected in any way by the levels of corruption Namibia experiences. Even...

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