Lands accused of creating chaos

9 hours ago | Agriculture

The Ministry of Land Reform and Resettlement has been accused of creating chaos through group resettlement and taking economical farming units and making them unproductive.The ministry was also rapped over the knuckles for lease agreements...

Okapuka feedlot open

2 days ago - 26 October 2016 | Agriculture

While all restrictions on the Okapuka feedlot have been lifted conflicting statements are coming from the Meatco top management and its board of directors about the entire issue. The Directorate of Veterinary Services closed down...

NCA agriculture conference in Rundu

2 days ago - 26 October 2016 | Agriculture

The Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) is holding a Northern Communal Areas (NCA) agricultural stakeholders conference at Rundu.NNFU Executive Director, Mwilima Mushokabanji said in a media statement that the conference, which is being held against...

Lüderitz wind farm close to reality

2 days ago - 26 October 2016 | Agriculture

Namibia''s first wind energy plant at Lüderitz could be up in running early next year. “Early 2017, Namibia will have its first clean wind energy being plugged into the grid and we are very excited...

Silver lining for Swakara industry

2 days ago - 26 October 2016 | Agriculture

The Swakara (Karakul) Board of Namibia last week hosted its annual Industry Forum to discuss developments and activities in the sector. The forum was well attended with 70 Swakara producers and researchers.Chairperson of the Swakara...

Northern chickens under quarantine

3 days ago - 25 October 2016 | Agriculture

Strict control measures have been implemented following an outbreak of Newcastle disease that has killed thousands of chickens in northern communal areas.The Ministry of Agriculture,...

Feed your chickens

1 week ago - 19 October 2016 | Agriculture

Africa, which imports nearly 83% of the food it consumes, has a real chicken and egg problem. The continent is caught between pressure from imports...

Climate change will drive more poverty

1 week ago - 19 October 2016 | Agriculture

A new report warns that up to 122 million more people worldwide could be living in extreme poverty by 2030 as a result of climate...

Govt urges unity among farmers

1 week ago - 18 October 2016 | Agriculture

ELLANIE SMIT While the agricultural sector is facing its most challenging year in decades, the government has appealed to the farmers’ unions representing communal and...

Okapuka conditionally reopened

1 week ago - 17 October 2016 | Agriculture

Even though approval has been given from the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) to conditionally reopen the Okapuka feedlot, Meatco says it is not satisfied...

Nursing group hails sugar tax

1 week ago - 17 October 2016 | Agriculture

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) has welcomed a call by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for countries to impose a tax of...

Farmers should innovate

2 weeks ago - 14 October 2016 | Agriculture

Swapo veteran politician and farmer, Ben Amathila has urged famers to become more innovative to cope with the unpredictability of the weather in the country....


Beast of burden

2 weeks ago - 11 October 2016 | Agriculture

WATER CARRIER: These donkeys transporting water were spotted along the Okongo – Eenhana main road over the weekend. PHOTO: KENYA KAMBOWE

‘We will invade resettlement farms’

2 weeks ago - 11 October 2016 | Agriculture

Tension is growing in the Hardap Region as landless residents of Maltahöhe threaten to invade the resettlement farms allocated to people from other regions around...

Aanafaalama ya kundathana iikumungu yevi

2 weeks ago - 11 October 2016 | Agriculture

Sho omupresidende Hage Geingob e li koshipundi aanafaalama mOnooli oye na omukumo kutya evi lyawo itali ka kuthwa po owala ngaaka. Ngoka omaiyuvo gomupresidende...

Farmers discuss land issues

2 weeks ago - 10 October 2016 | Agriculture

With President Hage Geingob at the helm farmers in Namibia are confident that their land will not simply be expropriated or taken away.This was the...

Confusion about feedlot reopening

3 weeks ago - 07 October 2016 | Agriculture

Vice-President Nickey Iyambo yesterday assured farmers that he would address the problems facing the sector, including the closure of the Okapuka feedlot. Addressing the Agri-Outlook...

Embracing climate smart agriculture

3 weeks ago - 07 October 2016 | Agriculture

The ministries of agriculture and environment, together with relevant stakeholders, are working on exploring the concept of smart climate agriculture to tackle the effects of...

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