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Seeking no validation

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Phred Got1's mixtapes were so well put together that they made No Validation one of the highly anticipated debut albums of 2018. No validation opens...

Sonically changing the rules

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

One Blood, The Wire, Ongoro Nomundu, Black Masters, Mushe, Blossom - how is that for a producer's catalogue? Blenge Mo Fire, real name Mbapewa Mbaundamuje...

The man behind the legend

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Politics

Sam Nujoma led Swapo since its formation in 1960 until 2007. After 29 years in exile, he returned to Namibia in September 1989 to lead...

A shining light for youth

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Politics

By DR ELIJAH NGURAREOn 12 May 2019, Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma will be 90 years old. This milestone of his life will fittingly be...

60 years of friendship

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Politics

Namibia's envoy on genocide and reparations, Dr Zed Ngavirue, has shared 60 years of friendship with Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma.He describes his friend as...

Priceless contributions

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Politics

As we celebrate Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma's birthday, the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) northern regions wishes to highlight that his birthday...

Emulate Nujoma

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Politics

Swapo Party School national chairperson Charles Mubita has called on those in leadership positions to emulate the qualities of Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma, in...

Getting your tune some airtime

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Different radio stations have rules in place on the specifications to be met for a song to be play-listed. tjil took some time off to...

LSD drops Damage Control

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Local Shut Down (LSD) is made up of Lil'Kiddo and Sweezy. Despite their first and second mixtapes clocking big numbers online, the duo maintains that...

Windhoek water crisis deepens

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Local News

The City of Windhoek is preparing to announce more stringent water restrictions, while residents have failed to reach the 10% water savings target set in...

Beddies sued for assault

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Justice

Prominent tourism personality Werner Beddies is being sued in the High Court for damages stemming from an alleged assault. In her particulars of claim, Yvonne...

Kalahari Desert op starts today

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Crime

Today, the controversy stricken crime prevention exercise Operation Hornkranz will end and be replaced with a similar crime prevention operation dubbed Kalahari Desert. During the...

Hangame nda e ta evundakao...

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Local News

Amushanga gwongundu yoSwapo, Sophia Shaningwa okwa ekelehi omapopyo ngoka taga ningwa kutya oye omutse omunene mevundakano ndyoka li li melelo lyondoolopa yaRundu, ta popi kutya...

Weekend boxing feast

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Sports

Boxing lovers are licking their lips in anticipation of a feast of action this weekend.Paulus 'El Jesus' Ambunda and Sakaria 'Desert Storm' Lukas, from the...

Welwitschias face high-flying Griquas

5 months ago - 10 May 2019 | Sports

The Windhoek Draught Welwitschias face another stern test against the Tafel Lager Griquas tomorrow at the Hage Geingob Stadium in the 2019 SuperSport Rugby Challenge.A...

ANC leads with 50%...

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Politics

The African National Congress (ANC) has garnered over 4.2 million of the close to 7.6 million votes already counted in the South African general election....

Shipping profits

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Business

Five of the 16 mining companies operating in Namibia are wholly foreign owned, while local ownership in the other entities does not exceed 20%, with...

Arrest timber looters - Ndeitunga

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Environment

Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga has instructed his regional officers to arrest those who continue to engage in unlawful logging.This follows a letter from environment ministry...

Congo fever fears rise

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Health

The Ontananga area in the Oshikoto Region is under surveillance after one patient tested positive for the highly contagious Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) and another...

Lessons from SA

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Columns

Millions of South Africans voted in yet another landmark general election yesterday, and a poll that is considered as arguably the most crucial since the...

Cops to pull up their...

5 months ago - 09 May 2019 | Police

Namibian police chief Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga is aware of persistent criticism against NamPol officers accused of providing mediocre, or worse, customer service and vowed he...

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