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Shot of the day

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Columns

WORLD WITHOUT COLOUR: Dog walkers cross a snow covered field during a snow fall in Stanford on Avon, Britain during the weekend. Major snowfalls have...

The time for accountability is...

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Columns

We have heard many senior government officials and their platitudes made to the issue of transparency and accountability throughout 2017. The president too, has made...

Aanona yekondjelomanguluko ye na omukumo...

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Local News

Aanyasha mboka oya popi kutya sha landula sho ongundu ya yakwawo ya thika 173, mboka ya mono omadheulo nangashiingeyi oya mona iilonga, oyo ya...

Namibia shimwe shomiilongo dhingi momatalelepo...

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Tourism

Namibia okwa tulwa momusholondondo gwiilongo dhingi mbyoka iiwanawa nokuya momafudho oshowo okutalela po mo 2018 muuyuni.Sho omwaalu gwaatalelipo tagu londo pombanda moshilongo oshowo omahangano...

Emino lyoTantalite lya tameke moWarmbad

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Business

Sha landula etamekitho lyiilonga yomina yokumina otantalite moWarmbad, mwene gwomina ndjoka oshowo omukwateli komeho gwiilonga yomina Kennedy Mineral Resources ota pangele okuyambulapo emino ndyoka,...

Mugabe ouster for 'personal gain'

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Africa

Zimbabwean opposition parties have reportedly criticised the appointment of Vice President and former military chief Constantino Chiwenga as the country's new defence minister.Chiwenga, 61, who...

Vote to annex West Bank

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | International

The central committee of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party on Sunday voted for a resolution urging Likud parliamentarians to push to annex the...

Iranians take to the streets

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | International

New protests were held in Iran overnight, local media said yesterday, despite President Hassan Rouhani calling for calm and vowing more “space for criticism” in...

Mbidi meets Aleksander

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Sports

Namibia Football Association (NFA) president, Frans Mbidi met with Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) president, Ceferin Aleksander for dinner at a local eatery in...

Jetty Mile: Fifth win for...

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Sports

Philip Seidler was overjoyed after having completed the gruelling open-water swim in 19 minutes and 58 seconds, beating his own time last year (20 minutes...

Klim signs for Doncaster Knights

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Sports

Namibia's international rugby player Lesley Klim has signed for Doncaster Knights until the end of the season.The 22-year-old University of Namibia player will be playing...

Knockouts galore at Desert Rumble

3 years ago - 02 January 2018 | Sports

The 2017 edition of the Desert Rumble, which took place at the Dome's Indoor Sports Centre in Swakopmund on Friday night, provided entertaining boxing for...

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