A PASTOR of the ‘Jesus Christ Ministry’ in Okuryangava, who calls himself ‘Jesus Christ’, stands accused of luring the women in his flock to score sexual relationships with them in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Vilho Paulus allegedly entices women to go with him to the Parliament Gardens where his accusers claimed that he conducts private ‘sermons’ that are practically designed to demand sexual favours. Pastor Paulus allegedly refers to the Parliament as the ‘House of God’ where he meets with the angles and they pray and exchange information with God. Pastor Paulus, who is an employee of the Bank of Namibia has denied allegation that he had approached several women from his church for sexual favours, accusing them of not understanding his “Bible teachings.”

But when Pastor Paulus’s wife was confronted with her husband’s secrets by one of his victims, the family recorded Pastor Paulus on a cellphone where he confessed to the allegations made by the lady, telling them it was done in the name of Jesus Christ In the recording listened to by Namibian Sun, Pastor Paulus admitted that this is not the first time he had made proposals to women. The allegations came into the open when a 25-year-old year woman was shocked to have the Pastor make her take an ‘oath’ that allows him to have sexual contact with her, but the woman later pulled out. What was even more shocking to this woman (who prefers to remain anonymous) was that Pastor Paulus had even set a date for their spiritual marriage on 19 December this year after taking “the oath.”

The woman said she could not keep Pastor Paulus’s conduct a secret anymore and decided to reveal his spiritual “misbehaviour” to his wife. Apparently the whole sordid drama started last week Sunday when Pastor Paulus invited the woman to the altar for prayers and he allegedly “sensed something distancing the woman from him.” He allegedly told the woman that they should meet at the Christuskirche the following day. “When we met me there, he told me that he had something to tell me, a secret, and said I should not reveal it to anyone because the anger of God will fall upon me. But before he tells me, I should take an oath,” she said.

“He gave me a piece of paper with ‘Wife Nr 1’ (the wife he is currently married to) and ‘Wife Nr 2’, a vacant position that belongs to me and gave me a scripture from the Bible to read,” she told Namibian Sun. She said Pastor Paulus told her that there are many “Laudikas” (angels in church) and only one qualifies to sleep with him and that was her. Pastor Paulus allegedly tried to convince the woman that her child with her boyfriend was his, because he slept with her spiritually some years ago. “He said his sperm and my eggs where connected spiritually, so that even if I have sexual intercourse with another man, the child I will get is his, because if I had to fall pregnant without being with a man, the nation will be shocked.” But the woman’s family said the Pastor has been seen at the Parliament Gardens in compromising situations where he invites women he intends to have sexual affairs with.

When visited by Namibian Sun, Pastor Paulus said he is not only a Pastor, but he is Jesus Christ, a Son of God born in secret with a human name that confuses people. He said that what he told the woman was not on a Pastoral level but on Jesus’s teaching. The woman was one of the 360 angels around the world he had approached saying that their relationship was not going to be a physical. “People will take what I told her as adultery because of the word marriage. There was not going to be a marriage conduct between me and the lady, it was going to be a heavenly marriage.

“The reason to produce children born by angels is to destroy the seed of Adam and Eve and replace it with the seed of Jesus and his wife,” he said. Pastor Paulus is allegedly scheduled to get married on 19 December this year to another woman from the church and in the recording the Pastor said nothing will stop the wedding.

Selma Ikela
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