Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Sony is sharing its PlayStation 4 with the world, but there was no word on price or availability, other than a fl ash on the screen saying “Coming holiday 2013”.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled their new gaming system this week, hyping the machine as a “supercharged PC” with the ability to effortlessly share interactive experiences, by instantly broadcasting video of gaming action or virtually handing out health potions to friends online.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” said Andrew House, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. Read more about Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Friday declared public holiday

President Hage Geingob has declared this Friday (November 27) as a public holiday. Presidency spokesperson Albertus Auchamub also confirmed that Friday will be a public holiday as Namibians go to the polls to vote in the local and regional authority elections. "Under the powers vested in me by section 1 (3) of the Public Holidays Act, 1990 (Act no. 26 of 1990), I hereby declare November 27 as a public holiday," Geingob is quoted as saying in a proclamation. Read more about Friday declared public holiday


Otandi sile moSwapo-Hamutenya

Omupresidende nale gwOngundu yoRally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Hidipo Hamutenya, okwa popi kutya ye ota sile mOngundu tayi pangele na okwa popi woo kutya oshilongo osha taalela iinima iiwanawa melelo lyOmupresidende Hage Geingob.
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Ompumbwe yoombete mewalanda lyokupulumuthila mEngela

Omu na owala ombete yimwe yokupulumuthila uunona mOshipangelo shOpashikandjo shaEngela mOshitopolwa shaHangwena omanga oonkalamwenyo dha tulwa moshiponga omolwa ompumbwe yaaniilonga ya pyokoka oshowo iikwaniipangitho mendiki ndyoka lyuundjolowele. Read more about Ompumbwe yoombete mewalanda lyokupulumuthila mEngela


Militants in Tunisia behead shepherd, 16

A jihadist group claimed the beheading of a young Tunisian shepherd on behalf of Islamic State, accusing him of having informed the army about their movements in the central province of Sidi Bouzid, in a video posted on the internet on Sunday.
The killing of 16-year-old Mabrouk Soltani on November 13 sparked anger in Tunisia. His killers ordered a 14-year-old who was working with him to bring the victim’s head wrapped in plastic to his family.
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36% of South Africans won’t criticise govt

Only about two-thirds of South Africans believe that citizens should have the right to criticise their government, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Centre.
According to the results of a study that looked at attitudes to democratic principles and freedom of speech across 38 countries, only 64% of South Africans supported the proposition that “people should be able to make statements that criticise the government’s policies”.
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Two million Sudanese children starving

About two million Sudanese children under five suffer from malnutrition every year, Unicef’s representative said on Sunday, urging the international community to boost funding to tackle the problem.
Of those two million, nearly 550 000 children have life-threatening severe acute malnutrition, with many of those affected living in the underdeveloped east and conflict-hit Darfur region.
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UK ups security spending by 30%

Britain is to increase its counter-terrorism funding by 30% in the wake of the Paris attacks, Finance Minister George Osborne said on Sunday.
The chancellor of the exchequer would not rule out cuts to frontline police numbers, but said he was confident Britain would be able to deal with a major terror assault.
Osborne will deliver his so-called autumn statement, or budget update, on Wednesday alongside a spending review that is expected to lead to deep cutbacks aimed at slashing the deficit.
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