Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Sony is sharing its PlayStation 4 with the world, but there was no word on price or availability, other than a fl ash on the screen saying “Coming holiday 2013”.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled their new gaming system this week, hyping the machine as a “supercharged PC” with the ability to effortlessly share interactive experiences, by instantly broadcasting video of gaming action or virtually handing out health potions to friends online.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” said Andrew House, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. Read more about Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4


Tu kondjitheni omukithi gwekondo nelaka- Mutorwa

Ominista yUunamapya oya popi kutya nonando Namibia ota sindana mokukondjitha omukithi gwekondo nelaka, oshikondo shuuniimuna osha pumbwa okulongela kumwe opo ku vule okukandekwa omukithi ngoka moshilongo ashihe.
Omanga Namibia e na oomwedhi ndatu opo a kale a tseyithwa pambelewa kutya oshilongo osha manguluka okuza komukithi gwekondo nelaka, Minista yUunamapya, Omeya nIihwa
John Mutorwa, okwa lombwele aaleli yopamithigululwakalo kutya oya pumbwa okutaamba kutya omukithi ngoka ogwa nika oshiponga noonkondo na oguli eshongo enene koshikondo shuuniimuna.
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Opolisi ya tula miipandeko aakongo yaa li pampango

Moonakutulwa miipandeko moka omwa kwatelwa omukuluntuskola gwoskola yopevi oya tulilwa miipandeko mOshikandjohogololo shaMpundja mOshitopolwa shaShana sho ya adhika nonyama yiiyamakuti ya yooloka.
Opolisi oya kwatako woo ohauto yombaki yoToyota yonomola
(N 8515 SH) oshowo iilongitho yimwe mbyoka ya longithwa mokulonga iimbuluma mbyoka ngaashi oolamba noondjembo.
Opolisi oya kwatako woo iikuti yoondjembo ya longithwa naambyoka inayi longithwa pehala li li popepi noongamba dhEtosha National Park.
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Dishwashing reduces stress

In the study, researchers at Florida State University had 51 students wash dishes. Before they started, half of the students read a short mindfulness dishwashing passage and the other half read a short descriptive dishwashing passage. The descriptive passage was straightforward, but the mindful passage focused on being present mentally for the task. Here’s an excerpt:
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Geingob and the new Africa

MPs should lead by example

In any society leaders in general are expected to lead lifestyles that are worthy of emulation.
It is also expected of them to exhibit a high sense of commitment while holding public office - more so if they are lawmakers and representatives of their respective constituencies in parliament.
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Abubakar still leads

Boko Haram said in a new video on Wednesday that its elusive leader Abubakar Shekau was alive and still in charge of the Nigeria-based Islamist group whose six-year insurgency has killed thousands.
"Our leader, Abubakar Shekau is alive and remains our leader," declared a gun-wielding man surrounded by dozens of fighters in the 17-minute video in Arabic and Hausa that was posted on social media.
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Obama apologises

Three separate probes, by the US military, Nato and Afghan officials are under way into Saturday’s catastrophic strike in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz which left 22 people dead.
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