Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Sony is sharing its PlayStation 4 with the world, but there was no word on price or availability, other than a fl ash on the screen saying “Coming holiday 2013”.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled their new gaming system this week, hyping the machine as a “supercharged PC” with the ability to effortlessly share interactive experiences, by instantly broadcasting video of gaming action or virtually handing out health potions to friends online.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” said Andrew House, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. Read more about Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4


Gunrunning for Boko Haram

Nigeria’s army says it has arrested two soldiers trying to ferry a large quantity of arms and ammunition to Boko Haram Islamic extremists.
Army spokesperson Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman says the two worked in an explosive ordinance unit and may have trained insurgents in bomb-making.
Usman made the announcement when he told journalists that in recent days the military has killed 35 extremists and rescued about 300 civilians held by Boko Haram.
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Haitians starving

The UN agency, which is launching an US$84 million appeal to help stave off extreme malnutrition and deaths in an already fragile Haiti, is blaming the emerging crisis on the El Niño weather phenomenon. Already blamed for some of the worst drought conditions around the globe, the weather event has left some Haitian farmers facing up to 70% crop losses and has doubled the number of food insecure people in the country since September.
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Gold demand remained flat in 2015

Global gold demand of 4 212 tons in 2015 was virtually flat compared with that of 2014, according to the World Gold Council’s (WGC’s) latest Gold Demand Trends report, released yesterday.
Despite a challenging start to the year, gold demand had rebounded in the second half of 2015 as a result of sustained buying from central banks and strong demand from China and India.
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Burundi mass graves probe

After a government security crackdown in December, witnesses came forward with accounts of at least nine mass graves in and around Bujumbura including one in a military camp where more than 100 bodies were allegedly buried.
Corpses were allegedly dumped in grave sites by police who had carried out raids in Bujumbura, arresting and shooting young men in response to a December 11 attack by gunmen on three military barracks.
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Aantu omugoyi ya hulitha komalaria

Ominista yUundjolowele nOnkalonawa Bernard Haufiku pethimbo a popi megumbo lyomutumba gwopashigwana okwa kunkilile aantu mboka taya yi mOnooli yoshilongo ya kwashilipaleke kutya oyiigamena komukithi ngoka omudhipagi.
Pauyelele mboka wa gandjwa kuHaufiku, omukithi ngoka ogwa dhipaga aantu ya thika po-425, nomaso ogendji oga dhidhilikwa mOshitopolwa shaHangwena nOshana.
Haufiku okwa popi kutya omukithi ngoka ogwa taandele mUumbugantu waAfrika omimvo dha piti naNamibia okwa dhidhilike uupyakadhi wa faathana momvula yo-2013 no2014.
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Coe 'will not accept' Nestle sponsorship pullout

World athletics chief Sebastian Coe angrily hit back at Nestle's move to terminate its sponsorship of the scandal-hit IAAF, insisting he would not accept the decision.
Nestle, the world's largest food company, in 2012 became the main sponsor of a programme aimed at promoting athletics for youths worldwide.
It was reported to be worth US$1 million (N$16 million) a year.
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Duo face huge title tests

Leicester City will be wary of a reality check when the Premier League front-runners visit Arsenal on Sunday before Tottenham Hotspur's burgeoning title ambitions come under scrutiny at Manchester City.
A quirk of the fixture list has pitted the top four against each other and although there are still 13 matches to go, this weekend could prove pivotal.
Against all the odds, Leicester have sustained their push for a first-ever English top-flight title, and their magnificent 3-1 win at Manchester City last time out finally convinced bookmakers to install them as favourites.
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