Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Sony is sharing its PlayStation 4 with the world, but there was no word on price or availability, other than a fl ash on the screen saying “Coming holiday 2013”.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled their new gaming system this week, hyping the machine as a “supercharged PC” with the ability to effortlessly share interactive experiences, by instantly broadcasting video of gaming action or virtually handing out health potions to friends online.

“Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation,” said Andrew House, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. Read more about Sony ‘unveils’ social-focused PS4

Internet shaming could land you in jail

While the rise of social media makes it easy to shame people publicly, it could place you at odds with the law, says a legal expert.
" Shaming' on the internet applies in many different contexts and is prohibited in many ways by law depending on the nature of that 'shaming'," technology attorney Russel Luck told Fin24.
An Australian woman recently made a tearful apology for shaming a man on Facebook.
She had accused him of being a child predator after he appeared to snap a picture of her young children.
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First Lady answers your questions on Twitter

Question: @Coyote_Uuugly - Mrs Geingos, if you were to help lift Namibian women up, what is it that you would do to help them?
Answer: @KalondoMonica - I must answer this and it may not sound right but women can be uplifted by increasing their self-confidence/self-esteem.
Question: ?@NNdaku_ - How will you know that you have accumulated enough (if at all?)
Answer: @KalondoMonica - It's subjective. Enough for me isn't the same for you. To me, enough is knowing my assets are significantly de-risked.
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Viva Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is a concept which, in contrast with vengeance and retribution, places the highest value on the lives of all human beings. It is an African concept which emphasises dignity, compassion, humaneness and respect for the lives of all of humanity. The concept dictates that there must be a shift from confrontation and conflict, to mediation and conciliation with good attitude, while all concerns deserve universal respect. It favours restorative, not retributive justice, and promotes mutual understanding and not punishment. Read more about Viva Ubuntu!


Kenyan shilling holds steady

Kenya's shilling was barely changed yesterday as a liquidity squeeze in the money markets started to bite, but was seen trading with a weaker bias against the dollar.
“There are relatively tight money market conditions,” said a trader with a leading commercial bank.
The weighted average interest rate for banks on the overnight borrowing market shot up to 11.0101 percent on Wednesday from 10.3709 percent the previous day, indicating there was a squeeze on liquidity.
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Total brings gas field in Russia on line

French energy company Total said Wednesday it had launched production at the Termokarstovoye gas field in northern Siberia together with its Russian parter Novatek.
Total said the field will produce around 6.6 million cubic metres of gas and 20 000 barrels of condensate per day, with a combined production capacity of 65 000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.
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The effects of globalisation


Revealed: Osama’s recruitment form

It was no ordinary job application - but then it wasn’t exactly an ordinary job.
Osama bin Laden drew up a recruitment form for aspiring jihadists that asked them who the terror group could call “in case you became a martyr”.
Tucked among the usual human resources questions about age and marital status, the Al Qaeda leader left a space to be filled with the name of someone who could be contacted if an applicant died while waging jihad.
The form also asked candidates if they had any military training and added: “Do you wish to execute a suicide operation?”
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Sport in brief

Van Praag drops bid for FIFA presidency Read more about Sport in brief



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