Yes, glamour matters

So the night of glitz and glamour has arrived and I’m so excited to see who’s gonna rock up with what designer outfit, and who does whose makeup. Yes, I am talking about the NAMA’s blue carpet events! Usually we get a lot of people complaining that our artists and socialites don’t know how to style themselves and many are dying to find out who’s wearing what. Read more about Yes, glamour matters

Down NAMA memory lane

The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) has grown from an evening marred by technical glitches and an infamous goodnight greeting during the first awards show almost six years ago, to a world-class event that celebrates local music, and it has set the stage for what has become an evening of fashion and style.
We take a look at some of our favourite NAMA moments and the ones that had us cringing. Read more about Down NAMA memory lane

Massive loss for music

The Congolese musician known for his impeccable dress style and Rumba rock sound which he pioneered, collapsed on stage and was later confirmed dead on 24 April this year. Papa Wemba, whose real name is Jules Shungu Wembadio, died doing what he loved at the Festival des musiques urbaines d’Anoumabo (FEMUA) in Ivory Coast when he fell down in the middle of his act.
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Questions on Prince’s estate

Less than a week after the pop star died and an outpouring of grief and nostalgia prompted fans to buy 2.3 million of his songs in three days, it’s still uncertain whether he left a will, or who will handle his estate.
Prince owned a dozen properties in and around his famous Paisley Park complex in suburban Minneapolis: mostly rural pieces of land and some houses for family members. Public records show those properties were worth about US$27 million in 2016.
Estimates of how much licensing his personal brand will bring in after death reach to the purple clouds.
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Back to your roots

For many, she’s a trendsetter, a person who is well known in fashion circles and also someone who is fond of social activities.
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‘Katutura’ it’s ours

The movie, which was shot in the heart of Windhoek, tells the story of dealing with the struggle of everyday life in the township, featuring the crime, drug abuse, violence and also the sense and strength of community, and the bustling creativity to be found in Katutura which when roughly translated means, ‘the place where we do not belong’.
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NDAWANA's new video cause an uproar

Namibian Afro-Pop sensation Ndawana, released a video on Friday 15 April titled EPANGELO NALITALEPO NAWA OPO, which translated from Oshiwambo to English loosely means the government must analyse certain issues clearly. Although Ndawana sings about certain issues of concern to people and that the government needs to address, many did not share the same sentiments as Ndawana and took to social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to criticise some of the content in the video.
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NAMAs stylists named

Music and fashion are undeniably intertwined.
They are complementary to each other and the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) believe that by fusing fashion onto the grandest stage ever on the shores of Namibia, is a sign of how important a role the two industries play in the arts and cultural space of Namibia.
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NAMA newcomers

The most anticipated event of the year is on the horizon and in no less than two weeks Windhoek city will be set ablaze as the splendour, the greatness of fashion, music and arts converge for two nights of unforgettable celebration for the 2016 NAMAs.
The faces
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Getting pelly with Pelly

So rumour has it that there’s a funny girl in town who has been knocking people out of their socks without trying too hard, doing sketch comedy that many people relate to. The Namibian internet sensational actor whom many people relate to as our very own Kansime Ann and her videos have reached more than 5 000 views on average! tjil just had to meet the joker to find out who the witty humorous girl is and boy, did we get to know her! Lol! Read more about Getting pelly with Pelly


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