He's back!

Jerome Gawanab, known better by his stage name as Jericho or J Twizzle, has been on the Namibian music scene for the past decade. Even after such a long time in the industry he continues to win the hearts of a large fan base. Jericho has not only gifted Namibians with his hard-hitting music that many have likened to that of 2Pac. The multi-award winning rapper has worked on few inspirational short films and he also featured in the award-winning film Katutura. Jericho has been out of the media for the past three years and now he’s ready to bring back the good name of Namibian Hip-Hop. Read more about He's back!

The Mummy in Namibia

Movies have been part of most people’s lives across the world. Most children grew up watching Disney movies about princesses and magical animals that could talk. And as we grew into adulthood our animated memories became stories of hobbits and rings, and heroes and villains. To most, the idea of movies and films has become an escape from reality shaping the routine of our day-to-day lives. Moments in which we get to enter a new world where the unrealistic and fantastic becomes normal. And personally we feel a trip to the Namib Desert is just what the world needs. Read more about The Mummy in Namibia

It is all about change

Nikhita Winkler will be performing A journey through Change that will be her second production since her return to Namibia. The show, sponsored by Bank Windhoek, FRDT and FNCC will take place on 26 May at FNCC starting at 19:30. It highlights a journey through separation, transition and incorporation into a new society. On the night of the event there will be performances by Lize Ehlers, Shalu Chisenga from Zambia, Tapz from Savannah Afros and poet Keith Vries. Read more about It is all about change

She’s all for women

Loide Nantinda is a writer, actress, and a model.
She attended film school in Cape Town South Africa where she majored in acting. She has also appeared on South Africa TV shows like Generations and Stokvel.
She started training and interning for various organisations in New York like Embracing Artists New York that has helped shaped her behind-the-camera skills, writing and managing her own career as a business. “I have gone on employment exile because I don’t want to sit at home on my degree.
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The grandest of them all

Zephyr Namibia held its second annual fashion show on Saturday night featuring garments by six up-and-coming Namibian designers: Christine Visser, Sean Renaldo Cloete, Happy Xamises, Maila Kalipi, Salmi Shilongo and Matheus Erastus. The models were the 39 Miss Grand Namibia finalists.
Matheus Erastus won Best Overall Designer Collection.
He will be on the judging panel of Miss Grand Namibia 2016 and he will also design the international wardrobe for the winner of Miss Grand Namibia 2016 to wear in Las Vegas in October 2016.
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It's all about the style baby

Because your personality doesn’t speak, the first thing that people see when they look at you is your style and your appearancecan say much about you. People like Reinhard Mahalie have made it their job and yes, I mean job, to make sure when you step out, you do it with style and that you will be the topic for years! Reinhard chilled with tjil as we wanted to get to the bottom of a stylist’s duties and learn more about the RM brand, the hottest thing in town. Read more about It's all about the style baby

Fantastic Sam to the rescue

Honestly, in today’s world there is nothing like ‘ it’s a man’s world’ or vice versa, as we have so many people excelling in what society has painted as a certain gender job.
Fantastic Sam is one of those people doing the opposite and he excels! You might be wondering what Fantastic Sam does and you might fall off your chair when you learn that he is the man that cares about your cuticles and he is all about improving the appearance, health and treatment of your nails whether it’s feet or hands!
He is an expert in this, using only the best products.
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D-Naff shares his soul with inspirational series

Once a gangster, D-Naff wears many hats. He is one of Namibia’s most respected musicians, but is also a father, husband and friend, roles he says he takes very seriously. Years ago, he turned a new page in his life, opting to live a gangster-free life and in recent times, the singer has been determined to inspire and motivate other youth and people to live a more fulfilling and positive life. Recently, he won the most disciplined artist award at the NAMAs, a reminder that one’s past, doesn’t define one’s present.
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Hitler statue sells for millions

A statue of Hitler on his knees was auctioned Sunday for US$17.2 million, a record for a work by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.
The wax and resin statue entitled simply “Him” had been expected to fetch between US$10 million and US$15 million at the auction by Christie’s.
The previous record for a work by Cattelan, who is 55, was US$7.9 million.
In the statue, Hitler is depicted as being the size of boy, on his knees in a grey woolen suit, with his hands clasped together as he gazes upward. The work was completed in 2001.
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Get help if you need it

Has someone ever approached you and told you that you resemble someone who is known to be a black sheep of the community? How quick are we to say ‘what?! Who me?!’ but if someone comes to you and says you remind them of say Barack Obama? How quick are we then to smile from ear to ear or even make it a Facebook update and exaggerate a little bit more and say “almost everyone said I remind them of the American president”! That is simply because Obama has a good reputation, a good image and he’s all about being a good brand of the Obama name. Read more about Get help if you need it


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