Key en route to Miss Global

Who is Key Haikola?
I am 22 and currently working as a substitute teacher at Rocky Crest High School. I grew up in the village called Oluwaya in Okongo constituency. I am a Unam graduate, with an honours degree in natural science, environmental biology and geography. My goal is to promote social awareness to help uplift poor societal conditions, to empower woman globally and become a Good Samaritan to people living in and under unfortunate conditions.
When did you start modeling?
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One-stop-shop for Namibian entertainers

Namartists.com is an online directory for the performing arts industry which includes theatre practitioners, sound engineers, poets, dancers and musicians, just to name a few. This is to make it easy to find the services that one needs if they are active in the performing arts. According to the innovator, award-winning male artist of the year Big Ben, it is the place where one can go to find the skills and eventually it will a place where skilled people will be vouched for as there is a rating system that will allow those with good reviews to pop up first. Read more about One-stop-shop for Namibian entertainers

It feels good to be back home

Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre recently celebrated its 50th birthday in collaboration with Radio Wave as they celebrated their 18th birthday too. The golden jubilee was celebrated in style as they had entertainment all the way from South Africa - the afro pop and jazz group Freshly Ground and our very own award-winning artist Gazza. The concert was held at Safari and it gathered masses of fans from near and wide and both young and old filled up the conference hall.
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All hail, Queen Lizelle

With only a year of modelling experience, Miss Namibia 2016 Lizelle Esterhuizen shares with tjil how modelling has become her passion, her plans as reigning queen and she opens up about who she is. Read more about All hail, Queen Lizelle

Elegance with a purpose

What were your expectations from the Miss Namibia pageant?
I didn’t expect to win at all. I had very stiff competition as all those girls are beautiful and they answered so well. I had concluded that I wasn’t going to walk away with anything. I was first in shock when they called my name as the winner, I was so ecstatic I couldn’t believe it. From there on my whole life changed and it was suddenly moonlight and roses from there on. Read more about Elegance with a purpose

Smart Cut for smart men!

The Smart Cut operation is an initiative by the Ministry of Health to encourage free male voluntary medical circumcision. It has been scientifically proven that the risk of those that are circumcised to get HIV/Aids is reduced by 60% and the chances of their partner getting cervical cancer are reduced too.
Award-winning musician The Dogg, who is the brand ambassador of the Smart Cut, urges women to encourage their partners to get the Smart Cut.
They are currently focusing on the Oshana, Erongo, Zambezi and Khomas regions as they have the highest HIV statistics.
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Get your talent in the spotlight

The show, which is first of its kind, will feature only women, both established and new talents who will be showcasing their abilities with modelling, singing, dancing and acting.
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Give me some juice mama

She got her delicious name Dessert Queen because of her first song Malva Pudding.
“The slogan ‘Twice in size and extra nice’ stuck with me, I guess. I didn’t want to be desert even though Namibia is a beautiful country and I love it yes I do; I also wanted to represent us big girls, the plus size woman of Namibia instead,” she said.
The Dessert Queen came into the music industry in 2015.
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A fairytale kinda love

A rumour has been going around that our former Miss Namibia is in a relationship with hot South African actor and musician Clint Brink. Clint, who many will know from his acting in series from ‘Generations’ to ‘Egoli’ and now ‘Scandal’, has been spotted on various occasions in social media tags and pictures with our beautiful sports fanatic Steffi van Wyk saying sweet nothings and it has been confirmed!
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Take it or leave it

It seems like some people are not used to good things. And I hate it so much because some of us are crying for such goodness which just doesn’t seem to come our way.
Please don’t take it personally, I’m not talking about myself at all! But also it’s not the type of crying with tears and noise. I just, for once, would like those that have nice things to cherish every moment of it but they don’t even think like that! I’m talking about a good girl who has a nice boyfriend with a good personality and you name the list.
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