Which Lady May will show up: the goodnight girl or the good girl?

In 2011, Lady May, Namibia’s most energetic performer, shocked the nation when she flashed her middle finger and said her infamous “goodnight” greeting at the NAMAs. The show was broadcast live, and the audience included senior government officials, top business personalities. The incident led to Lady May being stripped of the award she had received that evening. Five years later, she returns as co-host of the show. But which Lady May will show up? Read more about Which Lady May will show up: the goodnight girl or the good girl?

Fashion Police

It’s less than three weeks to go before the NAMAs and the Fashion Police continue to give tips. We told you that shoulder pads and spikes are so redundant, so is African print. Steer clear please.

Brown boots, blue pants, a black top, almost blonde hair, and then there are the purple lips... Shall we say more?

But how come she looks like she wants to jump in this jumpsuit? Titse, wat gaan aan? Read more about Fashion Police


Six nominations, none of them hers

Pssst! feels so sorry for poor Tequila. Tequila, who at some point was the biggest winner of the night at the NAMAs, released her new album last year but none of her songs were nominated. Instead, Tequila, who is regarded as Namibia’s most gifted female vocalist, was nominated in six different categories for songs by others that she lent her voice to. Yes, after Gazza, Tequila is the most nominated artist. Sadly, it’s for songs that she featured in and not for her own. Ai tog, it seems Tequila is shining for everyone other than herself. Read more about Gossip

Four years after the middle finger, Lady May returns as host

In 2011, singer Lady May won the Best House award at the NAMAs. Lady May, an energetic performer, a feisty singer and a continental star, received a standing ovation as she walked onto the stage to accept her award. But Lady May, whose real name is Martha Namundjebo, could not resist first flashing her middle finger and later saying: “Goodnight motherf*ckers”.
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Raped twice before her 11th birthday

She will only turn 11 in June, but she has already experienced rape twice in her life.
Born mentally challenged and an epileptic in Aranos, the girl was sexually assaulted in September 2013. According to her aunt she came home limping and screaming, pointing to her private parts.
“She was shouting terribly and saying she was in pain. She was touching herself and saying it was sore,” the aunt told Namibian Sun at the family home this week.
They reported the rape to the police and the suspect has been released on bail.
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Shot of the day

BEHIND THE MASK: A woman and her child, who are part of a group of squatters, wait for a decision about whether their leaders will accept an offer from City Hall in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 100 squatters, who had been evicted from the city port area last month, re-invaded a building once owned by Brazilian businessman Eike Batista. PHOTO: NAMPA/AFP Read more about Shot of the day

Third Miss High School North to be crowned

The third annual Miss High School North pageant will take place at Ekamuti Lodge at Ondangwa on April 25.
The organisers of the pageant say the aim of Miss High School North is to give an opportunity to schoolgirls to show off their modelling talent at an early age in preparation for bigger pageants like Miss Namibia.
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Rape allegations nothing new for the Big Brother house

As news broke of an alleged rape in the Big Brother Mzansi house, an air of familiarity came with it.
M-Net informed viewers on Monday night in a shock announcement that two housemates would be removed from the BBMzansi house: one for misconduct while another contestant was removed for her own well-being.
Rumours swirled on social media of an alleged rape that took place on Saturday night. However, no official source has commented on the rumours, nor has anyone confirmed the incident took place.
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Pink defends weight gain

Pink 'feels beautiful' and isn't worried about her weight, and says she has gained extra pounds because she feels 'happy'.
The 35-year-old singer attracted some unwelcome comments about her weight after donning a black dress for the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills on Saturday but she insists she isn't concerned about her size and is 'perfectly fine and happy'.
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Shot of the day

EXTREME: Argentina's Alejandrina Lurleo competes during the finals of the 2015 World Pole Dance Championships in Beijing. PHOTO: NAMPA/AFP Read more about Shot of the day


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