Atushe is still a winner with this album

Second Chance/ Piracy/ Poverty is Atushe’s latest album on the shelves. He recently won the NAMAs for best Kizomba category from his previous album and I just had to check out what he has been up to in the studio since then. The first song on the album, It’s Too Late, starts off with Dolly Parton’s voice singing her 1978 hit song with the same title. Man, that brought back those memories of hearing it at a very young age.

Amor, featuring Avo, is a lovely Kizomba tune mixed with Ndonga and Portuguese. I can hear this one playing in Oshikango and Rundu during the festive season. And it also has a nice lekker bridge to it. Soothing sounds that one can Tarashina to. This is one that I can imagine being played at wedding parties in the far North East. Give me a sign, is a gospel tune and it has become tradition for Atushe to always have a gospel song on his albums, and I must say it works. Nice melody, it’s just a little bit short.

Juliana, is the fourth track on the album. More could have been done on this song. I don’t know what it is, and I’ m not saying it’s a bad song, but something is missing in there. Hope to get the chance and tell him when I know what it is. The song did not reach its full potential. Tate Kulu featuring Ras Sheehama is a really laid back song and will appeal to everybody out there, especially the elders. With its smooth reggae tune its suits Sheehama’s kind of style. Nice one here.

@6 is a song by little Liisa and like father like daughter the musical talent abounds. This is not the time to review her, because her voice still has to mature but she just oozes energy and confidence and I will definitely keep an eye on her progress. Otjisola, is done with Swart Baster in the Uumbundu language. This is a love song that I believe will be mostly played at weddings and as the kick and beat are typical Angolan music it will rock the Northern parts with an Angolan connection. How Great Thou Are is a song adopted from the hymn book and these songs always sound great and this one is no exception.

Nangula, Is my personal favourite. If I was Atushe I would make this track the title track of the album. It’s that type of Kizomba that just blows you away. Listening to it, reminded me of Impactus 4 and believe you me, I had this one on repeat most of the time. Shapumba is the last track on the album and begs the question why there are so many selfish people that ask for something and never give back.

After listening to the album, I just think that Avo has been featured in too many songs, five tracks to be exact. So ya, for the next album, Atushe can consult me right here for some positive and negative criticism.
“To all my fans, you can get the album at Universal sounds or also through MobiPay. All you have to do is register with MobiPay,” says Atushe. Till next time, Sharp.

Sammy Lee
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