Tennis series set for action

The KIA Tennis Series, an event that is geared towards developing youngsters’ playing ability, will continue this weekend.

The second tournament of the KIA Tennis Series 2013 will take place over the weekend at Windhoek High School. Action is set to start tomorrow at 14:30, with the young beginners taking the stage in the Mini (service block court) and Midi (half court) categories.

On Saturday at 08:00 players from various age groups and different levels will square off on the full court. The opening tournament of the series kicked off at the end of February and featured an exciting and competitive group of 43 beginners playing on mini and full courts.

After continuing his strong winning streak from last year, Adam Diggle claimed the gold medal again and sent a strong message to the midi court group that he is ready to make his mark in the next progressive stage of the Kia tournament series. The beginner group produced top quality play with each and every match.

It was exciting to witness the talent, healthy competitive spirits and good sportsmanship amongst these youngsters, who are Namibia’s future tennis crop. The athletic Kiana Cormack beat Johnny van der Merwe 6-1 in the final to claim first spot with the gutsy Zander Coetzee in third position after he beat Lisa Yssel 6-4.

The uniqueness of this series of tennis tournaments is that the players accumulate ranking points on a 12 month rolling basis with well rewarded prize money amounting to a total of N$20 000 that will be handed over to the top three and most improved players of each category at the end of the year. Furthermore, the tournaments cater for all ages and standards. Instead of competing in their age groups players have the chance to compete in their suited standard groups.

These range from mini tennis to full court play and are categorised into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups.

The beginners play with softer balls allowing them to gain better control of their strokes. Event organiser, Elizma Nortje congratulated the sponsors Kia and Wimpy for giving the players the opportunity to develop progressively thereby laying the foundation for a bright future of Namibian tennis.

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