Wounded robbery suspect arraigned at bedside

Linekeela Immanuel, 37, who is charged with theft, made his first court appearance from his hospital bed at Tsumeb on Tuesday.

The accused has been receiving medical attention for a bullet wound he suffered, after allegedly breaking into a local mine last week Saturday.

Immanuel appeared before magistrate David Munsu, who along with prosecutor Nelao Ya France, a court interpreter and an orderly conducted the hearing at the hospital. Immanuel and two others, Tioselius Shatumbu, 36, and 33-year-old Leevi Makawa are accused of breaking into the mine.

Shatumbu Makawa had already made their appearance in court on Monday before the same magistrate. According to information availed to Namibian Sun, the three men allegedly gained entry into a Tsumeb mine complex, where they broke the burglar bars and windows of a container during the early hours of Saturday morning. The three were reportedly in the process of stealing items stored in the container, when a security guard at the complex discovered what they were doing.

In an attempt to stop them, the unidentified security guard fired a warning shot, allegedly leading the three men to panic and attempt to flee the scene. Another shot fired by the security guard struck Immanuel in the leg, while his two accomplices ran off.

Shatumbu and Makawa were apprehended the same day by the police and were subsequently charged with theft, while Immanuel was rushed to hospital.

Due to the extent of his wound, he could not appear in court on Monday with his co-accused.

The matter was remanded to May 16 for further police investigations.

Munsu remanded Immanuel, Shatumbu and Makawa back into police custody due to the seriousness of the crime and another pending robbery case in which they are possible suspects.

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