Augustineum schoolgirl raped, murdered

The school career and future plans of a promising teenager were tragically snuffed out by her rapist and killer over the weekend.

The dream of a 17-year-old schoolgirl to educate herself and help her family out of poverty, was tragically cut short over the weekend, when her dead body was found in a trench in the Goreangab mountains.

It is suspected that Rina !Nau/gawases, who was a Grade 10 pupil at Augustineum Secondary School, was raped and murdered. She was a resident of Goreangab informal settlement, where she lived with her sister. Her dead body was found about a kilometre away from home yesterday morning.

She was last seen alive on Friday night.

Unconfirmed police reports said the schoolgirl had been hit with a rock to the side of her face. It was unclear whether this had caused her death.

Early yesterday, a man went around the location asking people if they had a missing relative, because the body of a girl had been discovered in the mountains.

This is how Rina’s family found out about her death.

Rina, who was wearing her school skirt and a casual top on Friday night, was found yesterday with her skirt pushed up to her bust and with no underwear on. Her underwear and shoes were placed next to her lifeless corpse.

Her sister, 27-year-old Sandra !Nau/gawases, said the schoolgirl was the hope of the family, as she was determined to finish her education and “become someone in life”.

“It is very painful. She was the hope of the house. She was schooling and wanted to finish school and start to work and look after the family,” she said.

Rina was the youngest of five children and the only one who showed promise at school, her sister said..
The family said they hope the police arrest the perpetrator.

On Friday evening after 20:00 Rina visited her best friend, 16-year-old Fiona Apollus, who resides in the same location and the two planned to spend the night together. Apollus said Rina left shortly after arriving at her home and told her that she would return, but never did.

“She sent me a text on my cellphone that she is going somewhere quickly and I must cover for her, when her aunt asks about her. I got the SMS late and replied that she must at least tell me where she is going, so that I can know how to cover for her. From there it was just silence,” said Apollus.

Apollus said she was shocked traumatised when she saw the lifeless body of her best friend yesterday morning.

Apollus said Rina was an extrovert, but paid a lot of attention to her schoolwork. “She encouraged me to study,” said Apollus, who said the two did everything together.

Several attempts by Namibian Sun to get official police comment about the incident proved fruitless yesterday.

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