LOCAL music and acting star Stefan Ludik has come out in defence of the music video for his song ‘Black Girl, White Boy’ which had the country buzzing after the latest edition of ‘heat’ magazine hit the streets.

The glossy magazine featured steamy pictures of Ludik and his co-star, Namibian model Elizabeth Valomboleni, on the set of the video. In the article, ‘heat’ mentions that they were under the impression that Ludik had “started making adult movies”.

The 2003 Big Brother Africa (BBA) contestant, award-winning artist and former Egoli star, yesterday denied to Namibian Sun that the video - to be released at the end of August - contains nudity as portrayed in ‘heat.’ “I was furious when I saw the photos,” complained Ludik, adding that he wore underwear during the shoot and that the final video will reveal the truth about it all. “All that will be seen in the video are legs, hands on the shoulder and a kiss,” said the former Ambassador of the Bank Windhoek Solo Buzz road-show.

He added that ‘heat’ totally twisted the article with the photos “of course with the intention to sell. That is what the media always does. The content of the information is correct, but the photos tell a lie,” claimed Ludik.

“Media sensationalism is what this magazine did.” This comes not long after another local artist, Lady May, shook the public with foul language and an insulting gesture during the live broadcast of the Namibia Music Awards (NAMAs). Ludik, who turned 30 in April this year, told this newspaper that he has already started losing substantial amounts of money as a result of the article.

A show featuring Ludik that that was to air soon was cancelled yesterday. Namibian Sun also spoke to Ludik’s mother, Susan, who said she was present during the video shoot. She confirmed that there was no total nudity involved. She, however, said the greatest criticism directed at her son which they have received from the public so far, involved racial disapproval, after Stefan kissed Gal Level’s Frieda Haindaka at a performance of the same song at the NAMAs. With the ‘heat’ article, she pointed out the same issue, saying that they have already received a lot of adverse reactions about the article and the accompanying photos, specifically with regard to the fact that the girl is black.

“I cannot believe that people still live in an age where skin colour is a big issue. We are in a different era in which skin colour should not play a role.” Stefan is an ambassador for Team Namibia which aims at raising awareness of Namibian products and companies in order to enhance national pride in its products and achievements. He also played cricket for the Namibian Under- 19 team before he hit the big time in the entertainment industry after entering the Big Brother show.

His website states that he currently offers a wide variety of performances ranging from parties with the guests; doing MC-work at functions or pageants together with a few solo songs; a full solo show with guitarist and DJ, as well as a full band show.

Francios Olivier
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